When Tech and Fitness Collide

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — When tech is brought up in the context of working out, it typically invokes thoughts of cutting-edge equipment or the latest fitness tracker. However, there’s one company that is taking things a step further. Dance2Fit is boldly demonstrating just how dynamic the tech and fitness worlds can be when they overlap in as many ways as possible.

The Dance2Fit brand primarily consists of a variety of online and in-person activities that are defined as “aerobic dancing mixed with fitness.” These are integrated into a connected super network of over 700,000 individuals, all of whom share one simple goal: to stay fit while having some fun. The brand’s flagship product is its high-intensity workout routines, which are born out of founder Jessica Bass James’ “love of dancing and healthy lifestyle.”

Where does tech fit into all of this? From its inception, Dance2Fit has boldly used tech to bring its vision to life. This starts with its signature workouts, which are available both via DVD and a live streaming option. This pandemic-friendly use of tech meant that the company found itself in prime position when the coronavirus shuttered gyms across the nation, leaving millions of individuals scrambling to work out from the homefront.

However, the company goes even further than simply utilizing technology for its live streams and videos. The brand has also created an extremely user-friendly website which has membership areas, streaming content, and a map highlighting various in-person Dance2Fit locations throughout the U.S.

To top it all off, Jessica Bass James’ company has been making the most of the e-commerce space ever since the earliest days of the pandemic. It debuted its line of workout supplements at the Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) Conference back in early 2020, and from there, it ensured that its supplements remained readily available via a variety of online retailers, including Amazon.

From live stream options to e-commerce to building an online community of like-minded individuals interested in their health, Dance2Fit has wielded the power of technology wherever and whenever it could. Though typically defined by its commitment to health and community, technology has always been the silent third partner in the Dance2Fit’s triumvirate of focal points. It can tastefully be used to accentuate the workout experience in a variety of ways that, as the Dance2Fit website puts it, helps “to create an uplifting experience that anyone can enjoy at their own pace.”

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