UCARI Launches New Innovative At-Home Test Kit to Address Intolerance Issues in Pets

It’s Time to Give your Pet a Voice. The Perfect Gift for Every Dog and Cat Lover

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With 70% of all US households owning a pet, it’s no doubt these extraordinary companions provide love, affection, and daily communication. Letting them know where you’re going, telling them they’re “a good dog,” or asking how they’re feeling, is only one side of the conversation. Do you ever wonder what your pet wants to tell you?

Excessive scratching, upset stomach, hair loss, paw biting, digestive issues, and hot spots – are all signs your pet is not feeling their best. They are also the most common symptoms of an intolerance.

UCARI takes the guessing game out of trying to identify the specific items that disagree with your pet’s body with their comprehensive at-home intolerance testing kit. Using a sample of your pet’s hair along with bioresonance technology, UCARI tests for more than 1000 possible intolerances, sensitivities and nutritional imbalances occurring within their body. This all-inclusive test includes specific foods and ingredients, environmental and household items as well as ingredients found in pet care products.

Bioresonance applies the established principles of quantum physics and measures the electromagnetic signals coming from your pet which is captured through their hair sample. Their individual body frequencies are compared to an extensive database of stored frequencies of items your pet may eat or be exposed to. These outside frequencies and temporary imbalances can sometimes interrupt the body’s communication system and result in one or many symptoms of an intolerance.

Learn what your pet can’t tell you and pinpoint the potential food and non-food items that could be affecting their everyday health and wellness. Help them live a happy, healthier, and more active lifestyle without leaving your home.

            No needles; No paw pricks; No vet visits; No waiting rooms, No co-pays; No additional costs.

Your pet’s personalized, digital results are fast, interactive, easy to understand and provide actionable steps to move forward and help make informed decisions about their diet and wellness. We all want the best for our pets and UCARI makes it easy, non-invasive, and affordable to gain the knowledge you need to better understand your pet.

UCARI’s At-Home Intolerance Test Kit for Pets (dogs and cats) is available at ucari.com for $79.99. So, this holiday season, give your furry family members a voice. They will “thank” you for it!

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