TruLife is on Deck to Distribute RARI Nutrition’s Beefed Up Product Line

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sports nutrition brand RARI Nutrition has exploded on the national scene over the course of the last year. RARI has been on the rise since its inception in 2015, attracting a strong customer base with its unique, all-natural sports nutrition products, founded on science-backed nutrition. Most recently, RARI has created three unique new supplements, all of which are vegan, keto, soy-free, gluten-free, and made in the United States.

RARI Nutrition has always prided itself on creating natural, science-backed supplements fit for a fitness king. Their ever-growing product line continues to balloon with powerful workout support options, most recently in the form of three valuable new additions:

  • DREAM: This sleep aid supplement uses a variety of high-quality ingredients, including melatonin, to promote relaxation and enhance sleep.
  • CREATION: This professionally tailored workout supplement is designed to increase muscle size, enhance strength, and improve recovery times.
  • PROTEIN ISOLATE: This protein powder supplement is made with grass-fed whey that is growth hormone-free and helps to build muscle and support recovery.

RARI’s product line has seen explosive growth since its alliance with TruLife Distribution, and these new products are no exception. TruLife has already been busy pounding the pavement to get RARI’s latest supplements out to the wider public.

This process was largely facilitated by the recent Healthy Living, Vitamin & Nutrition ECRM program. Going into the conference, RARI was already sold in plethora of retail stores across the country and had caught a huge break when it was picked up by Vitamin Shoppe in March of 2020. This latest foray into the ECRM retail world yielded another batch of high-profile leads that promise further growth in the brick-and-mortar marketplace.

Refusing to accept this already big win as enough, TruLife has gone further by tapping into the e-commerce space as well. They’ve listed all three of RARI’s new products, alongside the company’s existing robust line of offerings, through a variety of online retailers that include big-wig names like Swanson Vitamins and

TruLife has been able to create a game-changing vibe for RARI Nutrition’s distribution network. This has been a win-win for both companies, as TruLife founder Brian Gould has expressed in the past that RARI is “really creating unique, high-quality products that we can feel excited about.” This passion for their client has allowed TruLife to continue to push RARI’s success to all-new heights on the national stage.

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