TruLife Distribution Partners with AMI to Deliver Consumer Goods to North America and the World

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TruLife Distribution and AMI are pleased to announce a partnership offering one another’s services to their current and future food, beverage, nutrition and personal care clients. TruLife Distribution’s expertise comes through its U.S. retail and e-commerce sales channels, which offer international brands access to the U.S. market. AMI’s expertise is in global markets and exporting U.S. products, which will offer U.S. brands the opportunity to access new foreign markets.

In the digital age, all that’s needed is a competent team with the right tools. That’s where TruLife Distribution and AMI are working together to make a difference. "We are very pleased to partner with such an experienced and competent U.S. sales team as TruLife Distribution," says AMI Founder and President, Peter Guyer. "Our international brands seeking access to the U.S. market will benefit immensely from TruLife’s 16 years of experience in the U.S. retail market." "We are excited to partner with such a legacy export management company as AMI," states Brian Gould, founder and CEO of TruLife Distribution.  "AMI has worked with over 100 food, beverage, and nutrition and personal care brands and has helped them scale in export markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America," says Gould.

Both AMI and TruLife Distribution service countless industries that span the gamut, from beverages to baked goods, frozen foods to fruits and vegetables, nutrition to pet foods, and more. They can even handle moving industrial, bulk ingredients and other commodities to manufacturers located across national borders.

The partnership between TruLife Distribution and AMI has created a distribution entity ready to go the distance for its clients, whether that distance is within U.S. borders or around the world.

About TruLife Distribution: TruLife Distribution was founded in 2019 by Brian Gould. Gould comes from three generations of manufacturing and retail distribution professionals. His self-started company offers a full-service experience that includes sales, marketing, and distribution. Learn more about TruLife Distribution at

About AMI: Athena Marketing International is a leading export management firm. Established in 2004, the company specializes in launching and growing brands globally. For over 17 years AMI has represented some of the most innovative brands in the food, beverage, nutritional supplements and vitamins, pet foods, confectionery, snack foods, proteins, and frozen foods categories. Learn more about AMI at

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