Transport to Hydration Paradise with Ultima Replenisher®’s New Passionfruit Flavor

Passionfruit joins the brand’s core product lineup to deliver clean and optimal hydration without any sugar, calories, or carbs

CORLTLAND, Ohio, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ultima Replenisher®, maker of deliciously hydrating drink mixes that dissolve straight into water and deliver six essential electrolytes and trace minerals without any sugar, calories, or carbs, announces the launch of a new Passionfruit flavor of its electrolyte powder. Made for tropical fruit lovers everywhere, the new flavor provides clean and optimal hydration for everybody with a lightly sweet and tangy flavor that is reminiscent of sunshine and paradise.

"We’re always staying apprised of the hottest, most trending flavors to make sure we’re continuing to excite taste buds with each and every new introduction," said Loretta Reilly, Ultima Replenisher® Vice President of Marketing. "Our new Passionfruit flavor transports you to hydration paradise, and is quickly becoming one of my favorite flavors! We couldn’t be more excited for everyone – fitness buffs, plant-based eaters, health-conscious consumers, and more – to get a taste of our newest, tropical-inspired flavor as they journey to peak hydration."

Passionfruit joins Ultima’s core lineup of eight refreshing flavors including Blue Raspberry, Lemonade, Raspberry, Grape, Orange, Cherry Pomegranate, Pink Lemonade, and Watermelon. All flavors are perfect for enjoying any time of day – pre- or post-workout, while traveling, at happy hour, with lunch, or simply mixed into water to add some fruity flavor and get that water intake up each day!  

Those seeking better hydration for overall wellness can find Passionfruit on Ultima’s website and Amazon in a 20-serving stickpack pouch, 30-serving canister, and 90-serving canister. The 30-serving canister will also be available in-store with retailer updates to come soon. 

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Ultima Replenisher® is a daily performance drink, water enhancer, and all-around refresher! It delivers a perfectly balanced, broad spectrum of electrolytes (which include Calcium, Chloride, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Sodium) and trace minerals along with vitamin C and zinc for some added immunity support. Each refreshing flavor is made with clean, premium ingredients for optimal hydration, including real fruit flavors, plant-based colors, and organic stevia for a touch of sweetness. All Ultima products are Vegan Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, Keto, Paleo, and free of gluten, caffeine, peanut, and soy.  

Purchase Ultima electrolyte powder online at, and Amazon. Ultima is also available in store at select retailers including Walmart, Whole Foods, CVS, Sprouts and more. Store locator available at

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