The Sandra Plasencia Label Is Setting a New Standard for Skincare

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Casa Sandra’s new Sandra Plasencia line of skincare products is filled with a variety of effective skincare solutions. Newly available through several different online retailers, the fledgling product line capitalizes on the venerable experience of its founder, who has spent her entire career serving in the health and wellness industry.

Casa Sandra owner Sandra Plasencia has been a staple of the Chicago salon and spa scene ever since she opened up her establishment Nights Nails & Spa back in April of 2004. Over the intervening years, Plascencia worked hard to build a loyal customer base and establish herself as a go-to local business. As she’s gone along, one of her biggest mottos has continued to be┬áthe simple fact that “you have only one skin, take care of it!”

In 2020, Plasencia decided to take her operation onto the national stage by launching her own, eponymous line of skincare products. These were founded on the deep, comprehensive knowledge that Plasencia had developed over the decades that she had plied her craft.

The ambitious entrepreneur has brought all of that experience to bear with each item created under her own label. According to Plasencia, “In our formulas, we include the finest quality, highest performing ingredients in the highest concentrations that yield the desired results.”

The founder adds that “the development process focuses on high concentrations of standardized botanical extracts.” She clarifies that each of these formulas is backed by clinical testing and includes the latest technologies, particularly the inclusion of peptides to aid in the anti-aging process and the preservation of the skin.

Throughout the pandemic, the availability of her services in the form of her own hand-crafted products was a critical part of what kept Plasencia’s temporarily-hobbled spa services afloat. At this point, the pandemic is beginning to recede and local Chicago business is starting to bustle again.

Nevertheless, Plasencia’s ambitions have only increased as her products have continued to gain momentum. The personal message of the brand combined with its effective results continues to resonate with both past Chicago customers as well as a new, growing national audience.

About Casa Sandra: Founded in 2004, Sandra Plasencia officially rebranded her company as “Casa Sandra” in 2020. This came two years after she had created her own line of beauty and skincare products also named Sandra Plasencia. The brand has begun to rapidly expand outside of the greater Chicago area, spreading the Plasencia label across the nation in the process.

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