The Hot Yoga Dome and YogaSpark Join Forces to Create Turnkey At-Home Hot Yoga Experience

NEW YORK, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Hot Yoga Dome, the creator of the first-to-market, portable at-home hot yoga studio, is excited to announce its new white-labelled models with NYC’s high-end hot yoga studio, YogaSpark. Labeled ‘The SparkDome,’ it is a highly insulated dome inflating in 60 seconds and reaches 105 to 110 degrees in 10 to 15 minutes, transforming into a one- to two-person studio, ideal for hot yoga practice virtually anywhere.

The SparkDome will be available for purchase until December 8 and includes one year of unlimited access to YogaSpark‘s online classes through its high-end streaming service, called YogaSpark Digital. The SparkDome and YogaSpark Digital bundle save members a total of $350. For more information on the models and pricing, click here.

“We are grateful to partner with The Hot Yoga Dome and launch The SparkDome at a time when at-home fitness has never been in higher demand,” says Lauren Porat, Owner of YogaSpark. “Hot yoga is a unique experience and one that is incredibly challenging to emulate outside of the studio. This partnership with The Hot Yoga Dome, bundled with YogaSpark Digital, allows our community to continue their hot yoga practice with their favorite instructors at home and truly feel as though they are at the studio—what could be better?”  

The SparkDome comes in two sizes: The SparkDome Compact, perfect for one-person practice, and The SparkDome Comfort, perfect for a two-person practice. Both models are also available with two window options—models with a window allow the option for mirrors, streaming devices or an outdoor view, and the models without a window allow an escape from the outside world.

The Hot Yoga Dome will be available for view and demo in the Westchester YogaSpark studio location. Members who wish to demo the Dome can arrange a free 30-minute class by contacting

“This is an extremely challenging time for yogis and the fitness industry, so we couldn’t be more excited to partner with YogaSpark and help their studio thrive,” says Gillian Sky Walker, Co-CEO and Founder of The Hot Yoga Dome. “Since day one, our mission at The Hot Yoga Dome is to give everyone access to hot yoga anytime and anywhere—we can’t wait for the YogaSpark community to experience the truly unique invention that is The Hot Yoga Dome.”

For more information on ‘The SparkDome,’ visit:

About YogaSpark

YogaSpark is an open-level, all-inclusive hot power yoga studio with locations in Westchester and Tribeca, as well as a large library of On Demand and Livestream classes at YogaSpark Digital. Our classes are challenging, fun, set to amazing music, and designed to help you strengthen, stretch and center. We look forward to getting sweaty with you.

About The Hot Yoga Dome

The Hot Yoga Dome is the first and only company to make hot yoga at home possible. Launched in 2018 by Gillian Sky Walker and Alex McDermott, The Hot Yoga Dome’s mission is twofold, to provide a portable studio that makes hot yoga accessible for anyone, anytime, anywhere, and to create a solution for yoga teachers to run their own business without the prohibitive upfront cost of a hot yoga studio buildout. For more information, please visit

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