Secure Medical Uses Age Verification to Eliminate Fraud

TEMPE, Ariz., Feb. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Telehealth medical provider Secure Medical is turning to age verification technology to eliminate fraud and protect customers purchasing medications from online pharmacies.

Over the past several years, telemedicine services have grown exponentially. Before implementing age verification systems, telehealth providers were unable to verify the ages or identities of their patients.

The inability to verify identity and age-related patient information led to fraudulent credit card activity and prescription fraud regarding lifestyle and sexual health medications.

The latter issue is especially troublesome to Kyle Rao, President of Secure Medical, who says, "While none of the drugs we prescribe and dispense are life-critical, some, if taken incorrectly or in combination with other medical conditions, could be life-threatening."

To solve the problems, Secure Medical now uses age verification technology through IDology to verify patient identities. IDology’s ExpectID Age system protects telehealth providers like Secure Medical by verifying the ages of patients who use online and call center prescription services.

Specifically, the system protects telehealth providers by:

  • Limiting prescription services to authorized and verified users
  • Preventing stolen credit card fraud
  • Preventing underage patients from obtaining age-restricted medication
  • Providing a fast-turnaround on prescriptions for verified patients
  • Protecting the health of customers by filling accurate, verified prescriptions

Secure Medical has reduced identity and age-related fraud by 50% using age verification systems. The system has also dramatically reduced the wait times for verified patients to receive their prescription medications.

"ExpectID Age has proven very valuable in helping to bridge the gap of not having the patient present in order to safely prescribe our medications," says Rao. 

The company plans to continue using age verification programs as one of its top safety measures to prevent telehealth medicine issues, such as credit card and age-related prescription medication fraud.

About Secure Medical
Secure Medical, Inc. (SMI), founded in 1998, is one of the leading telemedicine providers. With the goal of developing, managing, and supporting the technical processes that drive remote healthcare, SMI partners with key stakeholders in the medical industry to improve patient access to care using cost-effective, patient-focused systems.

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