Pure NZ Is Addressing Humanity’s Most Basic Need

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pure NZ is a New Zealand-based bottled water company that is actively transforming the beverage industry, both in its homeland and overseas. The company has resisted the temptation to create sugary, taste-filled drinks, focusing instead on the most fundamental hydration tool of them all: crystal clear spring water. The enterprise also uses an environmentally respectful manufacturing process to ensure that it isn’t addressing short-term needs at the expense of long-term sustainability.

Water is a cornerstone requirement for life. It addresses a myriad of needs that help a body function well on a daily basis. According to the CDC, water helps the body:

  • Regulate its temperature;
  • Protect the spinal cord;
  • Maintain clear thinking;
  • Stabilize one’s mood;
  • Lubricate joints;
  • Eliminate waste;
  • Avoid constipation and kidney stones.

While the need for water to keep the body functioning is obvious, it doesn’t make staying hydrated easy. It’s typically recommended to drink around a gallon per day for a full-grown man and three-quarters of that for a full-grown woman. Fortunately, the need to choose water over other, less effective beverage alternatives has been getting a lot of attention in recent years.

This increased awareness has improved the intake of water for many consumers, but even then it’s come at a price. The positive of increased water intake has also had the negative side effect of creating more bottled water pollution.

It’s a two-headed issue that one enterprise is managing to address simultaneously. The popular New Zealand-based beverage brand Pure NZ offers its customers crystal clear New Zealand spring water that is bottled on-site above an underground aquifer outside of the bustling Kiwi metropolis of Auckland. Along with offering mineral-rich, hydrating water, each Pure NZ bottle is blown out of RPET plastic. In other words, it’s made from recycled plastic.

This has allowed Pure NZ to create a line of bottled water products that truly meet the needs of both consumers and the planet. While it already offers quality, sustainable products, Pure NZ is looking beyond the present, as well. The forward-thinking company continues to invest in its state-of-the-art plant, setting up the sleek, effective facility for sustainable, long-term success for the foreseeable future.

This investment in the eco-friendly production of products that meet one of humanity’s most fundamental needs has set Pure NZ apart as an innovative leader in a booming industry. The well-led enterprise continues to lead the charge, with nothing but blue skies, green pastures, and of course, crystal clear water in their future.

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