Promising Early Results from Using imp’s Landline Call Screening Technology as an Alzheimer’s and Dementia Phone Solution

100% of caregivers report an improvement in their AND their parent’s, lives after deploying imp™, a smart home solution that eliminates ALL unwanted landline phone calls.

ETNA, N.H., Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Landline phones pose a unique challenge to aging Americans and their caregivers. The phone helps maintain connections to family, friends, and the community. It is a symbol of independence, and a familiar marker of continuity. But, in 2021, almost $5 billion dollars was stolen, largely from seniors, through landline phone fraud.

For the 48 million senior Americans over 65 with landlines, for the 6 million seniors who have Alzheimer’s, and for the 11 million caregivers, an Alzheimer’s and dementia phone solution is needed. Early results show that imp™ can help.

Caregivers of seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia are increasingly relying on imp as an essential tool in their care management process. For the caregiver, imp provides remote management and 100% control over who can call. For the senior parent, imp transforms their phone, making every call a wanted call.

A survey of 15 caregivers provided the following insights: 

  • imp Contributes to Improvement in Overall Mental Health and Wellbeing: 100% of respondents noted an improvement in their parent’s mental health and wellbeing. One caregiver noted: “Mom is just so much calmer. She doesn’t have to worry about who is calling, she can just enjoy them when they call.”
  • Use of imp Boosts Quality of Life for Seniors: The average respondent reported that after using imp, the quality-of-life improvement for their parents moved up to an 8.1, on a 10-point scale. As a caregiver recorded: “Dad was being harassed by 30 calls a day.”
  • Use of imp Improved Caregivers Mental Health: 100% of respondents noted mental health improvements in THEIR life. “imp stops the bad guys before they call, so I don’t have to always be on the lookout for Mom.” observed another caregiver.
  • Use of imp Boosts Quality of Life for Caregivers: The average caregiver respondent reported a quality-of-life improvement in their life, raising their score up to 8.9, out of a 10-point scale. As one caregiver shared: “imp does not intrude on my parent’s life, and it gives me real control over what happens.”

Based on these strong initial results, imp is launching a free six-month, nationwide research program on the impact of imp on the lives of Seniors and their caregivers. Research will include pre- and post-installation surveys, quality of life measurements, and longer-term impact analysis. Requirements include: a landline, Caller ID, and a Wi-Fi connection to the internet. Caregivers need to have a smartphone. Contact for more details.

About imp

Founded in 2019 in New Hampshire, imp’s mission is to rid the world of the scourge of the unwanted landline caller. The team consists of old-school landline experts, modern smartphone developers, and network security and privacy architects. Learn more at

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