Pro Athletes, Plant Based Therapy, & Exercise Science Fuse Together to Help You Make Your Comeback from Quarantine

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With the awareness around health and wellness at an all-time high recently, exercise is becoming a primary focus for many people. As most athletes will tell you, the recovery after strenuous exercise is so vitally important, as it really determines the quality of the workout and how prepared one is for the next session.

“We wanted to create something that was not only effective, but accompanied the athlete on their journey back to fitness,” said Dr. Akash Bajaj, Pain Specialist & Medical Director at TIDL, a fitness line created by The Anthos Group.

The TIDL product line was created in an effort to bring something revolutionary to the market. “It’s not a CBD product and it’s not a pain distraction, like many OTC products,” said Dr. Cohin Kakar, Chief Scientific Officer of The Anthos Group, “It is an innovation in exercise science that brings together different proven mechanisms of recovery related to pain, soreness, and inflammation relief to assist athletes in achieving optimal levels in recovery and performance.”

The flagship TIDL product is a hemp infused cryotherapy spray that is enhanced with 360-degree spray technology, for easy, touchless full body application. The active ingredient is menthol at 10.5% and it is accompanied by a powerful ingredient package that includes 500 mg CBD, Arnica Montana, and Boswelia Serrata – all organically grown ingredients.

TIDL has teamed up with OpenSponsorship, a Sports Technology firm that connects athletes with products that they can use. “TIDL immediately attracted many professional athletes on our platform as many of them find themselves looking for ways to get back into their regimens in a safe and healthy way,” said Ishveen Anand, CEO of OpenSponsorship.

Among some of the athletes on the “TIDL Team” are U.S. Olympians Marquis Dendy and Kristi Castlin. “It delivers a strong sensation through the entire muscle, every time I use it to recover, I have a great day that follows,” said Dendy. The roster also includes professional UFC Fighters, Pro-Athlete Trainers, and even professional hockey and lacrosse players.

During a time where people can use all the help they can get in finding their “normal” routine, TIDL has entered the market at the perfect time to assist. For more information, “Feel The Wave” at or visit to learn more about connecting with athletes from all over.

Media Contact: Ishveen Anand,

SOURCE OpenSponsorship

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