Positivity Fuels Greater Positivity This Holiday Season

ATLANTA, Dec. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Positivity Alkaline Water is a bottled beverage brand that stands a cut above the rest. This largely stems from the label’s ability to funnel more than water toward its customers. The company is a source of positivity in and of itself.

Positivity Alkaline Water is a brand built around three principles: to refresh, restore, and renew. The brand does this "in the flesh" through its water, which boasts an impressive 9.5+ pH level. Not only that, but the way the company prepares its water ensures that the taste isn’t impacted by the high concentration of electrolytes and minerals present in the liquid itself.

This starts with sourcing the water from the Smoky Mountains of Greenville, Tennessee, ensuring that the liquid begins at around an 8+ pH level right out of the gate. Once on-site in the company’s bottling facility, the water is further fortified with a variety of minerals that increase the pH level to that potent benchmark of 9.5+.

By starting with quality water that is already partially alkaline, Positivity maintains a smooth, silky taste that isn’t impacted by the addition of further minerals. On top of that, the brand has a TDS (total dissolved solids) count of just 36. For perspective, WHO gives any water with a TDS under 300 mg/liter a perfect "excellent palatability" rating.

All of these factors add up to make Positivity Alkaline Water a truly sensational source of hydration, but it stands for even more than quality H20. The brand is also committed to changing lives. Company owner, David M. Walker, Esq., has given his company a vibrant vision of closed-loop recycling programs that breathe sustainability into an otherwise pollution-prone industry.

The minority business owner explains that "Local communities will have a seat at the table when it comes to water. We’re going to build our own facility, drink our own bottled water, return our own bottled water, and create our own closed-loop recycling systems in our own neighborhoods — and never be left out of the conversation again."

This lofty goal is what makes Positivity such an impactful experience for so many. Along with the benefits that come from drinking alkaline water, Positivity promises to imbue each and every sip with an added sense of purpose and empowerment. It’s a factor that makes Positivity a perfectly positive addition to any fridge, backpack, or briefcase this holiday season.

About Positivity Alkaline Water: Positivity Alkaline Water was launched in December of 2017, operates out of Atlanta, Georgia, and is owned by serial entrepreneur David M. Walker, Esq. The brand is a subsidiary of StarWalker Industries, Inc., a minority-owned manufacturer and distributor of bottled water brands. Learn more about Positivity at positivitywater.com.

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