Positivity Alkaline Water Takes Recycling to the Next Level

ATLANTA, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Modern consumers are informed and aware of how their behavior impacts the environment. It’s a fact that is keeping an increasing number of companies, including Positivity Alkaline Water, accountable for their behavior, especially in an area as ripe for pollution as the bottled water industry.

The Container Recycling Institute has reported that each day more than 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away. Most of this ends up as trash on the streets or in landfills. It’s a serious problem that has to be addressed.

That’s where Positivity Alkaline Water is looking to make a difference. The bottled water brand isn’t just committed to shallow corporate social responsibility initiatives that focus on a general push to encourage recycling. Positivity is actively working to revolutionize the bottled water experience in the name of both its customers and the environment.

According to Positivity’s website, "In our mission to reduce environmental impact, we are dedicated to closed loop recycling and rewarding our customers while we’re at it!" The closed loop system referenced is an innovative concept that Positivity and its parent company StarWalker Industries are pioneering.

The brands have created a system where they reimburse customers for returning used bottles. This comes in the form of a $3 reward for every 15-pack of Positivity Alkaline Water bottles returned with the caps and in their original plastic case (a simple task that can be seen demonstrated in this video.)

From there, StarWalker Industries collects the bottles and has them recycled. But the long-term vision of the pair of fast-growing Atlanta brands doesn’t stop there. The team behind Positivity and StarWalker Industries is developing a closed-loop system in which used bottles (both from their company and others) can be returned to their regional bottling facility. Then the used bottles will be recycled into rPET plastic and used to create new bottles.

This ambitious project is already in development, and company founder and serial entrepreneur David M. Walker, Esq. has expressed his excitement at the future prospects of his growing businesses. "Local communities will be at the table when it comes to water," the owner explains in reference to his minority-owned enterprise, "We’re going to build our own facility, drink our own bottled water, return our own bottled water, and create our own closed-loop recycling systems in our own neighborhoods — and never be left out of the conversation again." Walker goes on to explain that his vision is to create these inclusive, regionally-focused bottled water ecosystems in cities across the U.S., "like craft beer but for water."

Walker’s vision for his companies is ambitious. But it’s an ambition that the owner matches with his own amped-up energy and positive take on life. With Walker at the helm and momentum already growing behind the Positivity brand, it seems only a matter of time before the closed-loop system becomes a reality for the bottled water industry as a whole.

About Positivity Alkaline Water: Positivity Alkaline Water was launched in December of 2017, operates out of Atlanta, Georgia, and is owned by serial entrepreneur David M. Walker, Esq. The brand is a subsidiary of StarWalker Industries, Inc., a minority-owned manufacturer and distributor of bottled water brands. Learn more about Positivity at positivitywater.com.

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