Orbit Coffee Is More Than Just a Pick-Me-Up

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Orbit Coffee is an energy booster like no other. Unlike its numerous competitors in the energy drink industry, the Italian brand combines caffeine, carbohydrates, and Maca root to deliver a punchy energy boost that sharpens the mind, bolsters the body, and is able to go the distance.

Orbit Coffee is an innovative take on an energy boost. At first glance, the shot-like nature of the drink’s convenient plastic pouches can be a bit unusual. Nevertheless, the portable, spill-proof nature of the packaging screams convenience. All that’s required is to tear open the top, down the contents, and throw away the empty wrapper.

While the ease of use of the product is certainly a selling factor, though, it’s important not to let it overshadow the far-reaching capabilities of the drink itself. Delivered in a potent, 0.85-fluid ounce single dose, each Orbit Coffee pouch is loaded with ingredients designed to provide fast, sharp, and long-lasting energy.

This all starts with caffeine. Along with powdered coffee, each Orbit Coffee capsule contains caffeine anhydrous. This substance is essentially a concentrate of caffeine powder sourced from the seeds and leaves of coffee plants.

While a robust shot of caffeine can help provide a quick spike in energy, though, Orbit Coffee is also careful to also include a selected combination of sequential carbohydrates. The brand refers to this as "a calibrated mixture of fast carbohydrates (fructose and dextrose) and slow carbohydrates (maltodextrin and isomaltulose)."

These combine with the final hero ingredient: Maca root. This ancient Peruvian superfood is well-known for its ability to both boost energy and enhance cognition. This brings even more energy to the table along with an additional element of clarity.

Wrapped in a delicious coffee and Italian chocolate flavor, the caffeine, carb, Maca root combo that Orbit Coffee offers is an innovative way to approach the pick-me-up. The product is convenient and quick to ingest. However, the resulting energy boost is anything but short-lived. Instead, it provides a high-quality source of energetic sustenance that can help users get through their day. Once again in the words of the brand, each Orbit Coffee pouch consists of "an energy booster with coffee flavour that offers to the consumers a way to achieve peak performance during high-intensity activities."

About Orbit Coffee: Orbit Coffee is a product of Cleverit Corp, which operates under the leading sports nutrition label EthicSport. Located in Italy, both companies focus on using research and quality materials to create elite products for their growing customer base.

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