Olivia Culpo Shows Off Her Favorite Women’s Wearable – The Bellabeat Ivy

Culpo Says The Bellabeat Ivy is The Health and Wellness Game Changer You Want In Your Life

NEW YORK, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Olivia Culpo released today a video on her Instagram Story where she shares a few of the reasons Ivy tracker by Bellabeat is her favorite go-to wearable. The Bellabeat Ivy is specifically made for women and has been seen in recent coverage as an outstanding health tracker to monitor and track a woman’s menstrual cycle, fertility, postpartum depression symptoms, menopause symptoms, and more. The Ivy monitors the body’s reactions and daily habits continuously during both the day and night through advanced sensors. In turn, providing women with a complete insight into the pace of life. Elegantly designed, The Ivy is a smart bracelet and truly one gem of a find retailing at $249 on bellabeat.com and is available in four gorgeous colors.

"I’m Obsessed with my Ivy tracker, and I know you guys will be too. It tracks everything from my cycle which is amazing, my activity rate, respiratory rate, heart rate, stress levels, mindfulness, and hydration. It really does it all. Plus, the fact that it tracks your cycle is something that I’ve really never seen before." States Olivia Culpo in a video found on the Bellabeat Wellness Youtube channel. "It is made for women by women. It will give you a readiness score based on your body bio-response, and it will give you a wellness score based on your efforts throughout the day. If my readiness score is really low, then I know I won’t be able to take that important meeting, and maybe I need to take a break, and if it’s really high, then I know that I can do everything and pretty much conquer the word! You can also gift it to your friends, and you can have a friendly little competition."

A leader in creating wellness technology, Co-Founders Urska Sršen and Sandro Mur are the team behind the Bellabeat brand. Bellabeat is aimed exclusively at women and recently announced that they have started the process of submitting an official application to the FDA for their product, the Bellabeat Ivy. Obtaining a license from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would allow doctors and clinicians to officially use the Ivy wearable technology to monitor the menstrual cycle in the treatment of women.

"The Ivy tracker is designed as a statement piece; It’s such an elegant bracelet. Strong on the inside, processing all of your wellness information throughout the day, and beautiful on the outside." States Urška Sršen, Co-founder of Bellabeat. "We are thrilled to have Olivia Culpo, a true celebrity style maven, standing behind us and bringing awareness to our brand as we do some amazing things in the Women’s health landscape."

"We decided to create a brand that develops tech-driven products focusing on the female user. We now have a whole ecosystem of connected products and digital experiences designed to help women track and improve their physical and mental health." States Bellabeat Co-Founder Sandro Mur.

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Bellabeat Inc. is a Silicon Valley company building tech-powered wellness products for women. The Bellabeat team previously released the disruptive Leaf health tracking jewelry for women and the first smart water bottle powered by AI. Bellabeat is now revolutionizing the FemTech space by taking natural cycles into account when creating its guided programs and Ivy Smart Bracelet, helping women reach their health goals more effectively and enjoyably. Visit https://bellabeat.com/ for additional information.

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