New Book Reveals Pain Relief Secrets Doctors Don’t Share

BETHESDA, Md., Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Brave Healer Productions has just released the fifth volume in its Amazon best-selling series The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Techniques. 25 Home Practices and Tools for Peak Holistic Health and Wellness.

Laura DiFranco, the creative force behind Brave Healer Productions, has this to say about the latest volume featuring chapters written by herself and 24 other health practitioners, coaches and healers, "The authors in this book are survivors, warriors, gods and goddesses, world-changers, and experts in their fields. They’re not only sharing their vulnerable stories with you, they’re going to guide you through one of the powerful tools, practices, or strategies in their holistic toolkit."

She adds, "Most self-treatment books concentrate on only one modality. [But this] is a powerful toolkit and a rare find, the collaborative energy, effort, intention, and love from over two dozen practitioners and healers who’ve made their lives about helping people like you thrive!"

There are chapters on breaking out your inner child, using therapeutic touch to heal from sexual assault, finding your true self in times of transition, a healing approach for looking at an alcoholic family tree, and being intentional with daily decisions.

Also contributing to the book are Liora Brunn, Eirikah Delaunay, Karin DesChamp, Jen Eve, Melissa Jolly Graves, Accolon Hollingsworth, Dawne Horizons, James Kawainui, Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel, Dr. Justin Klein, Dianna Leeder, Maureen Mays, Sue McDonnell, Carole Park, Pat Perrier, Dr. Erika L. Putnam, Rory Reich, Joy Resor, Kelle Sparta, Jennifer Sproul, Sakura Sutter, Lulu Trevena, Mary Welp, and Dr. Melissa Wohlberg.

People who purchase the book can also receive access to a private Facebook group where they will be able to access live training from the authors and question and answer sessions.

Praise for The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Techniques, Vol. 5

"This book will have you holding your breath at the moment of each author’s point-of-no-return as they walk you through the actual steps they took to make it their turning point. Each chapter offers a unique tool to expand your awareness and become your own victor." Amy Gillespie Dougherty, author, The Ancestors Within

"What a beautifully written and informative collection of heartfelt stories and passionate wisdom. This book is a healing reference to be kept by your bed or somewhere close to pick up when you need lifting up." Kelley Storm, creator and founder, Journey to Gorgeous 

"Experience this collaboration of wisdom — it magically enhances the mind, body, and spirit connection. You’ll be moved with heart-opening stories shared with impassioned purpose. As you breathe it all in, you’ll be forever changed. There’s incredible power within these pages. Get the book!" Jen Piceno, divine feminine leader, mentor, and author of Sacred Medicine: Mystical Practice for Ecstatic Living

About Laura Di Franco

Laura Di Franco, MPT, is the CEO of Brave Healer Productions, which specializes in book publishing and business strategy for healers. She spent 30 years in holistic physical therapy, 12 in private practice, before pivoting to publishing. Brave Healer Productions has published 25 books, including 20 Amazon best-sellers, among them the series The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing. The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, and The Ancestors Within. She also runs Brave Badass Healers, a Community for World Changers group on Facebook that offers free monthly business development and networking sessions.

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