Natralus Australia Uses Unique Blends of Nature’s Finest Ingredients

Mother Nature is a Powerful Healer, and Natralus Uses Innovative Formulations to Optimize the Power of Natural Ingredients.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It isn’t difficult to see the powerful healing properties of nature as a skin health agent. Many ingredients, like coconut oil and aloe vera, are renowned for their skin-healing properties. But there are limitations that each natural ingredient can achieve on its own. That’s why natural skin health brand Natralus Australia doesn’t just utilize random natural ingredients. They craft selected ingredients into unique formulations with specific skin-health goals in mind.

“We have natural, functional products,” explains Natralus owner and CEO John Rowe, “Each of our formulas is created with two goals: to tap into Mother Nature’s natural skin health benefits, and to craft those natural ingredients in a way that will maximize their benefits and direct them toward a targeted skin health need.” Rowe goes on to explain that every Natralus product contains painstakingly selected, high-quality ingredients that are carefully researched and that they know will perform better. “All our ingredients are carefully researched and selected for their individual benefits. We only choose options that will positively contribute to the whole purpose and desired action and outcome of each product.”

Natralus’ Natural Paw Paw Balm is a good example of this philosophy in action. The formula is designed to soothe, protect, and restore the lips and skin. To do this, it combines a natural and organic selection of ingredients, including:

  • Paw Paw: An Australian name for papaya, Paw Paw and its seed oil are known for being rich in oleic acid, antioxidants, and vitamins A, E, and C. This makes it a powerful moisturizing and replenishing agent.
  • Calendula: This plant helps with managing inflammation from things like insect bites and sun exposure. It calms irritated skin and also comes with its own dose of plant-based antioxidants.
  • Styrax Benzoin Gum: The sap of the Styrax tree is a little-known yet powerful natural skin health agent. It helps as a disinfectant, antiseptic, astringent, antifungal, deodorizing, and anti-inflammatory agent. It also enhances skin elasticity and prevents moisture loss.

Each of Natralus’ products boasts similarly strategic combinations of ingredients, with the goal always to deliver targeted natural skin care relief. The results speak for themselves, as Natralus has been recognized as Australia’s leading Natural Paw Paw brand for over a decade. Its recent arrival in the United States also means the company’s highly sought-after natural skin health solutions are finally available for Americans who are interested in preserving healthier skin for a healthier you.

About Natralus Australia: Natural skin health brand Natralus Australia was established in 2010 and operates out of Adelaide, Australia. The company focuses on empowering women and parents to use a more natural approach for both themselves and their families throughout their skincare and wellness activities. Learn more about Natralus at

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