Kardia Now Offers Continuing Education for Therapists!

MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kardia is excited to announce that they have a new NBCC approved course to help counseling and coaching practices! This course will be offered online and in-person. Their first course, Live with Heart: Emotion Recognition and Expression with Clients, will be on May 11th, 2022. In this course, Tim Holler, co-founder of Kardia Collective, will teach about the Eight Core Feelings and how to help clients recognize and express them!

Emotions can be overwhelming, difficult to identify, and can feel conflicting, and clients end up feeling confused and frustrated. As therapists, it is part of the job to help clients interpret what emotions they are experiencing and help them express those emotions through a safe outlet. Live with Heart will deliver tools that practices can use to help clients articulate and better understand their emotions. In this three-hour class, Tim will cover:

  • The relationship between the thinking brain and the feeling brain.
  • Healthy emotional expression and recognition.
  • The developmental nature of the expression of emotions.

This course will be presented by Dr. Tim Holler where he will teach therapists, counselors and coaches how to improve their skills, grow their understanding of emotions, and just learn more about emotions. Don’t miss this chance to learn from the best. Register for the Live with Heart: Emotion Recognition and Expression with Clients today.

Kardia Collective is a community of skilled counselors and coaches who are passionate about helping others live with courage, hope, and freedom rooted in an authentic relationship with themselves, others, God, and creation.  Their goal is to share this vision with other counselors through continuing education, so that they may better serve their clients, helping them to reach a healthier mental state.

If you’re a mental health provider looking to grow your abilities, then Kardia’s continuing education courses are perfect for you! To learn more and register today, visit our website at www.KardiaCollective.com/livewithheart.

Brandy Miller, Client Care Coordinator

(901) 302-9575
Website: kardiacollective.com