How Naikela Is Perfecting Tea Powder

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —┬áTea powders are nothing new. The common form of powdered tea known as "matcha" was popularized nearly a millennium ago by Buddhist monks in China. However, recent trends have taken the popular matcha concept and applied it to powerful herbal concoctions that include ingredients beyond the tea plant.

Popular tea powder brand Naikela Botanicals was amongst the first companies to create blends of "herbal tea powders." These blends draw on a variety of potent-yet-delectable botanical elements

For instance, each blend of Naikela’s Powder includes the adaptogenic powerhouse tulsi (i.e. Holy Basil). They also include many other delicious time-honored herbal standouts, such as ginger turmeric, cacao, hibiscus, peppermint, and lemongrass. They also come with a tantalizing array of hidden herbal gems, which are quickly gaining notoriety for their potent health benefits, like Ashwagandha, fo-ti, coffee cherry, soursop leaf, Artemisia, lemon verbena, papaya leaf, Mamaki, Shatavari, moringa, noni yellow dock, and calendula to name some but not all.

By bringing these various herbal ingredients together in a powdered format, Naikela unlocks their inherent adaptogenic qualities and allows them to work together to synergistically support the body. Of course, as simple as tea powder sounds, the process of properly growing and making tea powder is a complex, detail-oriented pursuit.

For Naikela Botanicals, in particular, the Aloha State brand uses what it refers to as its own "Hawaiian permaculture style." This starts with a set of rigorous agricultural standards. All of its ingredients are 100% natural, GMO-free, and grown without herbicides or pesticides.

In addition, the way that Naikela’s plants are cultivated is important. "Our herbs are companion plants that are grown together in what we call a ‘garden jungle’," explains the company’s blend master, Aaron Moeller, "They’re artisanally dried on racks using a sun-powered solar dehydration system before they’re ground down and combined into their unique adaptogenic formulas." Each Naikela product is exclusively made of a mixture of the company’s Hawaiian-grown herbs. There are no synthetic ingredients, chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavorings, fake colors, or fillers.

This unique production method has allowed Naikela Botanicals to create a line of tea powders that are clean, healthy, and effective. While other brands have joined the tea powder movement over the years, Naikela has remained at the center of the action. Moeller and his team have continued to set a gold standard for the adaptogenic tea powder concept as it has continued to gain more attention with an American consumer base looking for beverages that can keep their bodies healthy and happy over time.

About Naikela Botanicals: Naikela Botanicals is operated by Aaron Moeller. The herbal mixologist sustainably farms at Makanalani, a 131-acre agricultural property and nonprofit youth center on Kauai’s North Shore. Learn more about both Naikela and Makanalani at

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