Heuro Health Providing New-to-Market Continuity of Care to Employers

NEW YORK, Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Heuro, LLC announces a new-to-market communication system bridging gaps in continuity of care. The proprietary Heuro Journey system includes a myriad of employer-valued services, including technologically advanced risk stratification, results-driven engagement strategies and bi-directional information flow between brick-and-mortar doctors, health system networks, telemedicine providers, health coaches, behavioral health specialists and patients.

"Heuro is an engagement and wellbeing company dedicated to offering the most successful, transformative solutions to the industry and to our members. We believe that filling communication gaps in furtherance of care continuity is the answer to many problems in healthcare, including improved communication between our members and their providers," says Heuro Clinical Director, Dr. Shri Noel.

Through analysis of claims and other data inputs, the Heuro Journey system employs an intensive risk stratification process that allows Heuro to customize the member journey based on tiered risk categorization. Heuro members are personally engaged through the collaboration of industry-leading teams, techniques, tools and technologies that are in continuous communication with one another. The Heuro Journey process also allows for two-way communication between wellness coaches, care providers and Heuro members.

Contigo Health, LLC, a Premier, Inc. company, will be working with Heuro as one of the first organizations authorized as a reseller of the Heuro Journey system to employers and IDNs.

"Contigo Health is thrilled to have partnered with Heuro to offer the next generation of improved member engagement and continuity of care. We are impressed by their engagement metrics and the prospect of closing all the loops between providers and members, and giving health systems new ways to engage their own employer-sponsored health plan members in their domestic network," commented Marisa Boevers, Vice President of Product Development and Management at Contigo Health.

"Heuro Journey is the ideal service for health care providers, because it allows for interoperable two-way communication between all the providers for a patient, regardless of EMR, and the ability for case managers and health coaches to communicate with the nurses and doctors rendering care", commented Heuro Wellness Director, Jori Sisk. "When information is readily available, it enables quicker decision-making and more effective and efficient care. It creates perfect alignment and incentives for the right care at the right time."

Higher engagement with employee wellbeing is proven to increase professional productivity, performance, retention and corporate culture. This is achieved through healthier employees taking a more active and preventative role in their health and wellbeing. The Heuro Journey system provides the next level of wellbeing engagement. Heuro is currently available to consumers exclusively through employer or payor-sponsored healthcare plans.

For more information on Heuro, visit HeuroHealth.com, or follow the brand on or LinkedIn, Instagram (@Heuro_Health), or Facebook (@HeuroHealth). To read the White Paper on Heuro’s engagement results: https://www.heurohealth.com/whitepaper/

About Heuro Health
Heuro, LLC, The Engagement & Wellbeing Company, is a digital health company that aims to lower healthcare costs and improve member outcomes. Through enhanced engagement, Heuro provides employers and health plans with the tools to improve wellbeing, including intuitive in-app access to telehealth visits. The Heuro solution securely aggregates its members’ health and lifestyle information, including health records, insurance plan information, care providers, prescriptions, and wellness management tools into an easy-to-use consumer application. By providing in-app resources that enable its members to find the most appropriate course of care, Heuro delivers a proactive approach to health and wellness at significantly reduced costs.

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