Gynov Tackles Male Infertility Concerns With Isitol

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gynov is a French health company that has established its reputation through the development of dietary supplements that focus on the areas of fertility and reproductive health. In the past, these efforts have been primarily targeted toward the largely under-served area of women’s health. However, in the past year, the company has been putting the finishing touches on a new dietary supplement, Isitol®, that specifically boosts the male reproductive system.

Isitol® is a unique dietary supplement that combines Myo-inositol and a versatile antioxidant complex to address male infertility. This condition is a significant concern for the global population.

Indeed, over 30 million men are affected by infertility around the world. Much of the issue revolves around the quality of the spermatozoa being produced. In the past 40 years, observations have shown a steady decrease in sperm quality. In some areas of the world, such as the U.S., the concentration has decreased by 1.5% per year. In other areas, like Australia and Europe, the rate of decrease is as fast as 3% annually. In 61% of cases, this has led to a decrease in fertility, as well.

Isitol® is part of Gynov’s own robust scientific research effort to turn back the tide of this steady decrease in sperm production and overall fertility. The product primarily leans on two elements:

  • Myo-inositol: Precursor of numerous molecules essential to the proper functioning of cells and mitochondria, to the maturation and mobility of spermatozoa, and to the division of the fertilized egg. In addition, it has antioxidant properties. Myo-inositol is used as an insulin-sensitizer. It is interesting to note that metabolic disorders (overweight, obesity) in men are aggravating factors in male infertility. They affect spermatogenesis, promote hypogonadism and erectile dysfunction, increase oxidative stress and alter sperm quality and DNA.
  • An antioxidant complex: In 30 to 80% of cases, male infertility is linked to oxidative stress. This results from an imbalance between excessive production of free radicals and the body’s ability to recycle its antioxidant systems. Oxidative stress is generated by multiple endogenous (overweight, obesity) and exogenous (stress, smoking, alcohol, pollution) sources. As a result, it alters spermatogenesis and fragments DNA.

Isitol® product concept is thus based on the use of myo-inositol, which is supported by a growing body of evidence asserting its positive impact on male infertility, and on support for the natural antioxidant system carried by the folate cycle, the methionine, the choline pathway and the transulfuration pathway.

In order to demonstrate the efficacy of Isitol® in the treatment of male infertility, Gynov and Laboratoire Drouot have joined forces to implement a randomised, double-blind, controlled clinical study versus placebo, with the following evaluation criteria:

– Decrease in sperm DNA fragmentation
– Restoration of sperm quality (number, motility, morphology of spermatozoa)

Isitol® is part of Gynov’s commitment to develop a line of specific products for metabolic and fertility diseases based on robust scientific literature.

About Gynov: Gynov was founded in Paris, France in 2016 by Pierre-Yves Mousset, MD. Gynov prides itself on using advanced scientific methods to develop high-quality, effective dietary supplements dedicated to women’s health and beyond. These are created to support the efficacy of prescription drugs and help provide genuine solutions for female health concerns and beyond.

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