‘Garrison Weapons’ Conjures a Blade Storm World’s First Virtual Martial Arts Weapons Training Program from International Weapons Master David Garrison

BARRINGTON, Ill., Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Garrison Weapons (http://garrisonweapons.com/) recently announced it had launched the world’s first virtual martial arts weapons training program intended for martial arts schools and private individuals, under the tutelage of weapons master David Garrison. The complete training system takes students from beginner to black-belt weapons mastery, and includes a wide range of mixed-origin karate weapons like nunchaku, tonfa, sai, kama, bokken, bo staff, broadsword, and katana. Master Garrison is a 7th Degree Black Belt and international weapons champion who has successfully trained competitors in tournaments across the world. Martial arts academies and schools interested in retaining students by adding this weapons program to their curriculum are encouraged to contact Garrison Weapons today for a limited time introductory sale, with a 30-day money back guarantee.

“Pure martial arts are often mistaken for a hands-only discipline; but the fact is, martial arts have almost always included weapons training,” said Master Garrison. “The Weapons are extensions of karate hand techniques, giving a longer reach during a fight. And weapons training is also taught as an artful meditation in addition to self-protection. Bo and Kama training, for example, teaches effective twirling, flipping techniques improving a karate student’s balance, coordination and physical strength giving the student an added advantage in defense against attacks. But these systems are also doable for the average student, scaled to the physical level of each. I’ve created a full, rank-based system for schools, with a total of ten top weapons to master. It’s an immediate ROI for schools. This course generates income via student retention. It adds a whole new dimension and depth to each school’s martial arts training. We also offer this as an online program that anyone can access.”

Garrison Weapons: Full Training Video Packages

The Garrison Weapons’ Martial Arts Weapons Program is currently offered as an introductory sale for only $875 (a savings of over $1,100 from regular price of $1,975). This includes:

  • Ten modules of valuable online weapons training, featuring video instruction and weapons-practice modelling by Master Garrison.
  • A comprehensive weapons training manual to give each student, and a custom logo for each uniform.
  • Full, expert support directly from Master Garrison to help dojangs, dojos, school owners and teachers (especially Korean stylists who do not offer a weapons program) implement it into a full curriculum – for maximum student retention and new profit center.

Testimonials for Garrison Weapons training programs are already overwhelmingly positive:

“Since implementing Garrison Weapons into my martial arts classes, there has been a new spark ignited with me and my students. Using the techniques and methods in this course, my students have had an increase of awareness, flexibility, and balance in all aspects of their training. It’s amazing to me, the excitement and increased drive that weapons training has encouraged…” –John Barrett, 4th Dan Kyukido, Nine Dragons Martial Arts (Colorado)

“I’ve known Master David Garrison since the turn of the century, as we have collaborated on several teaching programs and tutorials together. In the martial arts community, he is the consummate professional on-and-off the mat. Over the years, Master Garrison has painstakingly worked and re-worked his weapons program until he perfected it. I am impressed with his unique personalized training system, utilizing traditional Japanese and Okinawan weapons. This well-thought-out training program will definitely help instill traditional weaponry, techniques, and practices into any martial arts school…” –Shihan Dana Abbot, Samurai Sports CEO

For more information, visit GarrisonWeapons.com. Follow Master Garrison on social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube updates.

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