Fitness Industry Veteran and Minority Franchise Owner, Micah Logan, Partners With Renowned Whole-Food Smoothie & Shake Bar Company to Launch Cutting-Edge Personal Fitness Concept

BOSTON, Feb. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fitness industry veteran Micah Logan has partnered with Performance Food Centers to enhance his innovative concept in personal training – the “Micro Personal Training” Studio.

Logan was sought out by established food service company Performance Food Centers (PFC), known for their dedication to wellness and nutrition. “A smoothie bar allows micro studio members an opportunity to fill holes in their nutrition post-workout,” says Logan. Logan knows recovery can be more important than the training sessions themselves. Unlike your average smoothie bar, PFC creates branded, non-GMO menus focused on whole foods, that are minimally processed.

With this partnership franchisees will be able to deliver a complete wellness solution to their members in an efficiently designed personal training studio – a model that is new the U.S. fitness industry.

So what makes this partnership delicious? PFC operates with one goal in mind – to bring whole foods to people who care about their bodies. “You are what your food eats,” says Dan Young, Founder of PFC. PFC is known for their clean foods, education, simplified nutrition and sustainable choices. Meld Fitness + Wellness is committed to quality.

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About Micah Logan:

Micah has been in the fitness industry for almost 20 years. As an experienced trainer and businessman Micah’s studios have won awards and been popular with local Bostonians.  Micah is an Executive Member of MIFO (Massachusetts Independent Fitness Operators Association).

In 2021 Micah’s plans are to grow MELD into multiple locations across Massachusetts and in locations where he can find experience owners to develop multi-unit development agreements.

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Performance Food Centers

Performance Food Centers (PFC) started with one goal in mind: To bring whole-foods to people who care about their bodies while simplifying the complex world of nutrition.

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