Finding Some Fun in the CBD Industry

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The CBD industry is constantly doing its level best to distance itself from the stigma of its products being associated with “having a good time” — and with good reason, too. Many consumers are genuinely concerned that taking CBD oil will make them high. The fact that it never should do so is a reassurance that CBD company Zero In On Nutrition is very familiar with reciting. In fact, it’s why one of the primary objectives of the fledgling CBD brand is for its customers to “trust they will be receiving a safe and premium product.” This is often followed up with the added confirmation that “We provide exactly what we say and cut no corners.”

The point is, most CBD sales pitches consist of sober conversations spent convincing customers that the product will help them alleviate stress or pain without getting them high in the process. However, the team at Zero In On Nutrition decided that the conversation shouldn’t stop with serious sales pitches and medically-focused assurances. They wanted to take things a step further by adding a dose of exciting, non-THC (the substance that gets you high) novelty back into the CBD experience.

The result was the brand’s fun-loving Cotton Candy CBD Oil. Manufactured with premium quality control, the tincture consists of just four ingredients: Hemp-derived cannabidiol sourced from Colorado, organic MCT oil, monk fruit extract, and a dash of flavor.

It’s that last ingredient where the fun comes into focus. Most CBD products are manufactured in generic, tasteless formats. Even Zero In On Nutrition has basic options like these available for those with a simple palate. However, for those looking for an infusion of youthful flavoring into their daily dose of calm, the brand also has its exciting cotton candy option. The perfect blend of effective CBD oil and THC-free fun, Cotton Candy CBD Oil is an ideal way to spice up the otherwise dull ritual of holding a dropper of oil under your tongue once or twice a day. The carefree concoction can be purchased on its own or within multiple variety packs that the rapidly growing Long Island-based brand offers.

Zero In On Nutrition is already establishing a name for itself as an ambitious enterprise that puts quality and community first in every conceivable way possible. This is nowhere on better display than with its cotton-candy-flavored CBD product. The unique tincture demonstrates yet again how the detail-oriented company is always looking out for its customers — even when it comes to small things like enjoying the process of ingesting the products that they create.

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