Elevate Dynamics’ FreeFlow and Glide AFO Products Achieve Preferred Distribution Status

Elevate is accepted into the Hanger Score program with distribution throughout the United States.

SAN DIEGO , June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Two Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) products from Elevate Dynamics have been accepted into Hanger, Inc.’s Score distribution program, an initiative that recognizes superior quality orthotic and prosthetic products. Hanger Score originated as a grassroots effort among clinicians at Hanger Clinics who sought to identify the best solutions for their patients while optimizing their business operations. Hanger Score inclusion reflects a clinical consensus on products that clinicians could confidently provide to their patients as exceptional solutions.

"As a new manufacturer in the orthopedic industry, this is a very exciting acknowledgement that validates the design and performance of our products that we are privileged to share with our customers and their patients," said Jason Thorne, CEO of Elevate Dynamics.

Elevate’s FreeFlow (posterior) and Glide (anterior) off-the-shelf advanced carbon fiber AFO solutions offer an industry-first, all-sizes-in-one design that allows clinicians to comfortably fit a wide range of patients while significantly reducing inventory complexity. They have been developed with the user in mind, promising to enhance clinic operations and deliver an improved patient experience.

"With the Score program being a unique way for Hanger’s trusted clinician group to recognize products that offer best-in-market performance for clinic operations and overall user experience, Elevate is honored to be included in this exclusive program" 
Jason Thorne, CEO

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About Elevate

Elevate is a next generation medical device company. Our mission is to empower people to move by redefining how healthcare products are designed, manufactured, and delivered. Our approach focuses on novel products and innovative solutions that elevate patient care and experience, and address issues impacting healthcare providers and their patients. Our team is dedicated to making the best products and leaving the world a better place than we found it. For additional information, visit Elevate’s website at www.elevatemovement.com.

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