Crossfit Announces Beta Launch of Affiliate Partner Network, Online Purchasing Hub with Discounts, Sales Opportunities

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CrossFit, the world’s largest fitness community, today announced the beta launch of the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network (APN), an online purchasing hub where CrossFit affiliates can get consolidated access to some of the community’s most trusted brands, including a broad range of affiliate-only discounts, revenue-generating opportunities, and member acquisition programs. 

"The idea for the Affiliate Partner Network came directly from the affiliate community, and we’re delighted to be able to turn it into reality," said Gary Gaines, CrossFit’s GM of Affiliates and International. "Earlier this year, we surveyed affiliates on the best ways CrossFit Home Office could support them and help grow their businesses, and the number one request was this type of group buying service. Working with our launch partners and additional future brands, the CrossFit APN will offer deep discounts on standard gym purchases, while offering tools and opportunities to generate additional revenue through sales to members."

The initial partners in the launch include 20 popular CrossFit community brands that provide products and services affiliates already use and sell, from cleaning supplies to operating software, accounting services, beverages, apparel, and more.

The launch partners for the APN include Airrosti, Beyond the Whiteboard, Big Ass Fans, Crossover Symmetry, FitAid, GoodEarth Distribution, Hydrant, O2, Optum, ProTrainings, PushPress, Rogue Fitness, SugarWOD, Thorne, UpLaunch, Whoop, WIT, Xero, and Zen Planner. In coming weeks, CrossFit plans to expand the APN to include numerous additional partners in the US and other countries, based on affiliate feedback.

The APN consolidates brands trusted by the CrossFit affiliate community and provides access to partner offerings to serve affiliates, staff, and members in multiple areas, including:

  • Discounts on Gym Purchases: Partner discounts on many core products and services for gym owners range from 20% to over 50% off. Beyond financial savings, the APN also helps affiliate owners save time through efficient and affordable business systems.
  • Revenue from Member Sales: The tools in the APN allow gym owners to select from leading products and services they would like to offer to their members, many at a discount. The APN offers easy-to-implement retail solutions, so gyms can offer members great products and services while generating affiliate revenue.
  • Perks for Owners and Coaches: To help recognize affiliate owners and coaches, the APN offers discounts and perks on popular products like footwear and apparel for coaches and other staff.

Access to the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network beta is included at no additional cost to all CrossFit affiliates in good standing as part of the affiliate fee. CrossFit affiliates can access the APN at

Reaction from APN Launch Partners

Airrosti: "With over 17 years of experience and more than one million injuries treated, Airrosti has a proven track record of exceptional results for our patients and are honored to have been selected as the rapid recovery partner for CrossFit’s new Affiliate Partner Network. We’re excited to support affiliates with resources and rapid recovery education for owners and their members, while delivering effective and efficient remote care, as well as complimentary virtual assessments and care coordination, to the CrossFit community across the country."
Mark Metcalfe, CEO, Airrosti

Big Ass Fans: "We sold our first fan to a CrossFit gym 13 years ago and we’ve been proudly serving those looking to be the best versions of themselves ever since. Today, we’re excited to offer a wide range of products and customized solutions to transform any gym into a safer space that allows members to work out harder for longer."
Alex Risen, Public Relations, Big Ass Fans

BTWB: "btwb is excited to be a part of the CrossFit APN and to continue supporting CrossFit affiliates in every way we can. Since 2008 we have been building technology for the CrossFit community. Our expertise is in tracking and analyzing fitness journeys in order to provide your members with numbers that show true, tangible progress."
Moe Naqvi, CEO, BTWB

Crossover Symmetry: "CrossFit affiliates are the heart and soul of CrossFit.  We love helping affiliates keep their members in the gym and performing at their best.  And the CrossFit APN is going to make it easier for affiliates worldwide to get the best deal possible on Crossover Symmetry."
Duggan Moran, CEO, Crossover Symmetry

Daxko: "We are so excited to have all of Daxko’s small-business brands — UpLaunch, SugarWOD, and Zen Planner — included in the CrossFit APN. Our roots are in the CrossFit space, so we are more than happy to provide a special affiliate discount on this powerful end-to-end member journey."
Ron Lamb, CEO, Daxko

FitAid: "As a proud long standing partner of CrossFit, we recognize that the affiliate’s success is paramount to the long term ability of CrossFit to thrive as a sport.  We at Fitaid are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to participate in bringing further value to CrossFit’s family of box owners."
Aaron Hinde, President and Co-Founder, {FITAID} LIFEAID Beverage Co.

GoodEarth Distribution: "The GoodEarth Distribution team is excited to join a host of trusted brands to support the CrossFit affiliate community! We will provide the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network and affiliate owners with significant savings on cleaning and operational products through our customized ordering platform.  This innovative APN will bring substantial value to the CrossFit community and the GoodEarth team looks forward to exceeding expectations!"
Steven Shorr, Vice President of Sales & Operations, GoodEarth Distribution

Hydrant: "Hydration is such a crucial part of an athlete’s performance and recovery, which is why Hydrant is so excited to partner with CrossFit on their new Affiliate Partner Network.  We’re looking forward to working with CrossFit gym owners across the country to provide their members with products that will help them feel their best and perform at their best."
John Sherwin, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Hydrant

O2: "O2 has a long history of serving CrossFit affiliates, perhaps most notably through organizing community support to help keep doors open during the pandemic. We’re excited to partner with CrossFit’s APN in a way that puts us in an even better position to support affiliates, because we share a strong belief that affiliates are vital to a healthy community, which is more important now than ever."
Dave Colina, founder and CEO, O2

ProTrainings: "We are excited to be the inaugural CPR/AED training & certification provider on the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network. This collaboration will maximize the impact for the health and safety of the CrossFit Affiliate community, its coaches, and members. This is a perfect addition to our enduring mission of training and certifying as many individuals in the potential life saving protocols of CPR/AED."
Scott Andersen, Co-Founder and CTO, ProTrainings

PushPress: "PushPress is beyond excited to be part of the APN!  As a company that prides itself on being ‘For Affiliate Owners, By Affiliate Owners,’ the APN directly lines up with our mission of providing affiliates with the tools to dominate their day!"
Dan Uyemura, CEO, PushPress Inc.

Thorne: "We’re honored and excited to support the CrossFit affiliate community. We recognize that CrossFit affiliate owners have a critical role in improving the health and wellness of their members, and we want to support them as best we can in providing not only the highest quality nutritional supplements and diagnostic tests, but also a system that allows them to elevate the financial health of their affiliate business as well."
Paul Jacobson, CEO, Thorne HealthTech

WHOOP: "The CrossFit affiliate community has been a core part of the WHOOP membership for years and we are excited to continue building our relationship together. This is just one of several initiatives WHOOP will undertake to support athletes at the box level while expanding our partnership with CrossFit."
Mike Lombardi, Marketing Manager, WHOOP

WIT: "At WIT we have always wanted to add value to affiliates. Our business is built from the CrossFit community and Central to that are affiliate owners, whose loyalty to our growth has been fundamental to CrossFit consumers around the world shopping with us. Being affiliate owners ourselves we also understand the challenges of building a community but also how powerful it can be, and this is a fantastic opportunity for us to provide some bespoke pricing and add to a pool of incentives for owners only. We know that all affiliate owners have Whatever It Takes!"
Daniel Williams, CEO, WIT

Xero: "Xero is excited to participate in the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network as a preferred accounting software provider to CrossFit affiliates. By helping affiliate owners get a better grasp on managing business finances from expenses and cash flow, Xero empowers them to feel confident in their affiliate’s success and help them re-focus their time on making a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of their community."
Tony Ward, President, Americas, Xero

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