Creative Cognitions, LLC™ Releases EZ-4U Habit-Builder™ Apps to Solve the Problem of Health and Wellness App Retention

FORT MYERS, Fla., Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EZ-4U Habit-Builder™ apps are the “first-of-its-kind” and provide effortless motivation to reach goals, when used in conjunction with popular health and wellness apps on an Android phone. Those ready to be released will work with the following apps:  MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, WW Weight Watchers Reimagined and NOOM Health and Weight. ( )

Popular health and wellness apps monitor and track progress but struggle to motivate users long enough to help them to form healthy habits.  Lacking sustained motivation, users may stop using their apps, thereby making new habit formation difficult. To address the problem, Creative Cognitions, LLC™ has created a scientifically-based approach of using personalized motivators to produce subconscious nudges (Cognitive Primes).

Our Smart1C2™ technology process embeds new habit formation within the existing habit of using an Android phone. The Cognitive Primes are selected by the individual during a brief enrollment process.  They are then delivered effortlessly, without distraction, each time that the person uses their phone.

Creative Cognitions, LLC™ approach provides the motivational bridge to carry the user’s initial enthusiasm forward to form healthy habits and to attain their goals. As a result of using the appropriate EZ-4U Habit-Builder™ app, along with their health and wellness app, individuals will remain committed to their health and wellness app, change their habits and achieve their goals.

                                                 About Creative Cognitions, LLC™

Creative Cognitions, LLC™ is a company dedicated to advancing the science of effortless influence to guide better decision-making and more rapid habit-forming behaviors.

Creative Cognitions, LLC™ develops effortless behavior modification software using the science of Cognitive Primes.  This personalized motivation is provided to individuals via their Android phone through the use of a secure infrastructure.  The personalized Cognitive Priming technology uses Creative Cognitions, LLC™ proprietary technology Smart1C2™.

Those wishing to learn more about Creative Cognitions, LLC™ and its Smart1C2™ technology can do so at ( To download, see our family of apps on Google Play (

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