Can Alcovit Reduce Blood Alcohol Concentration? One Study Says “Yes.”

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alcovit was created to allow consumers to drink alcohol without the need to deal with its negative side effects. The brand claims that hangovers, in particular, are prevented thanks to the product’s unique formula.

This anti-hangover capability starts with the product’s hero ingredient: zeolite. The volcanic rock is a mineral silicate that is handpicked in South Africa. From there, it is sent to Germany, where it is milled into a fine powder in accordance with strict German pharmaceutical GMP standards.

The size of the zeolite is important, as it’s ground fine enough to easily dissolve in liquid but large enough to avoid absorption by the body. In other words, the zeolite remains in an individual’s digestive system, passing through from one end to the other without harm. As it does this, the rock powder serves as a sponge that naturally attracts alcohol before it can be assimilated into the bloodstream.

Along with the zeolite, Alcovit also provides a dozen different vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamins B and C. These are included to refresh the body and soul after time spent drinking.

While the concept of Alcovit is attractive, it’s novel enough to cause some to question if it’s too good to be true. Fortunately, an open-label study was conducted in Berlin in 2009 to try to answer that very question.

The study itself used 10 men and 9 women. After a light meal, the participants ingested Alcovit and then consumed various forms of alcohol (based on personal preference) over the period of 120 to 173 minutes. Afterward, a certified breathalyzer was used to measure the level of their blood alcohol concentration at 30, 60, and 90 minutes.

The results were impressive. The use of Alcovit showed that the blood alcohol concentration was reduced by as much as 50% of the mean average, while no one had any adverse effects from the Alcovit supplement itself. However, it’s worth pointing out that the effect was only observed in 80% of the participants and does not appear to be completely universal.

Nevertheless, the ability for Alcovit to have a dramatic effect on the reduction of total blood alcohol levels for so many individuals was profound. It revealed a product that is able to genuinely reduce the impact that alcohol can have on the body.

While it isn’t a panacea for all of the negative effects of drinking, Alcovit is certainly a unique solution in the hangover space. From reducing alcohol levels to heading off the unpleasant side effects of a hangover, the popular supplement has the potential to be an individual’s best friend every time they reach for the hard stuff.

About Alcovit: Alcovit is an innovative product marketed by CDM Medical, LLC, an enterprise founded by three doctors with wide experience in both business management and the pharmaceutical market. CDM Medical focuses on developing novel solutions for consumers around the globe. Alcovit has a European Patent (# EP 2 538 950) from the E.P.A. in Munich, Germany. Learn more about CDM-Medical at

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