All Real Nutrition Creates Real Snacks With Real Ingredients

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — All Real Nutrition is a brand founded on the principle that to be healthy, people need real snacks to get them through the day. Healthy meals are a great start, but if these are undermined by unhealthy munching sessions in between, it can have a detrimental impact on one’s health. That’s where the Irish snack brand is looking to make a difference with its elite protein bars.

All Real Nutrition co-owners Niall Harty and Ross McDowell understand how hard it can be to find real snacks that can keep one satisfied throughout a busy day. "There are a lot of fake and artificial products on the market," Harty declares, adding that "we created a product that was all about real food."

The proof is in the pudding — or in this case in the protein bar. One need only glance at an All Real Nutrition bar to see that it represents a new snacking gold standard.

All Real Nutrition bars come wrapped in elite, compostable packaging. The sharp design screams quality — a fact that is immediately reinforced when the wrapping is removed. "All Real is manufactured using our unique production method and formula that we have developed in-house," Niall explains, adding that "it’s unique to us in several ways." This starts with the brand’s restrained selection of premium ingredients, which typically include:

  • Milk protein sourced from the local dairy of Kerry, Ireland — the same ingredient found in famously soft Kerrygold Butter.
  • Irish Atlantic sea salt, harvested from the nearby shores of County Cork.
  • Dates, which offer a touch of sweetness as well as potassium, antioxidants, and important binding properties.
  • Slow-roasted nuts and legumes for protein, including almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts.
  • Chicory root fiber syrup, to also add a delectable sweetness as well as a dose of healthy prebiotic fiber.
  • Cocoa both in powder form and pure Belgian cocoa pieces to deliver a level of decadence sans a sugar spike.

When combined, these ingredients deliver a powerful dose of ultra-clean protein. Niall breaks down the numbers, detailing that "we are the only all-natural food bar that delivers on 20g of high-quality protein per bar while keeping the sugars under 12g per bar."

From its selection of ingredients to its unique manufacturing process, All Real Nutrition protein bars are created with quality in mind. They’re designed to truly fuel-hungry people with a snack that is as delectable as it is healthy. In short, it’s a real snack with real ingredients …designed to satisfy real hunger.

About All Real Nutrition:
All Real Nutrition was co-founded by engineers Niall Harty and Ross McDowell. After years spent in development, the company was officially launched in 2020 and operates out of a factory in Kerry, Ireland. The company is also proud of its Bord Bia’s Origin Green Certification. Learn more about All Real Nutrition at

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