Alcovit Soaks Up Booze Like Nobody’s Business

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alcovit is an innovative supplement that helps prevent hangovers. It utilizes a finely-milled, water-soluble form of the volcanic rock, called zeolite, to capture alcohol before it’s absorbed by the stomach and intestines.

Alcohol is a powerful drug that is found in many popular adult beverages. Everyone knows about the outward effects of the substance, but understanding how alcohol works on a metabolic level can be a bit hazy.

According to a report published on the NCBI website, alcohol "is a small, water soluble molecule that is relatively slowly absorbed from the stomach, more rapidly absorbed from the small intestine, and freely distributed throughout the body." Once alcohol’s impact has run its course, it can lead to hard crashes commonly referred to as a hangover.

The key to understanding how to control and manage alcohol consumption — and avoid the potential hangover that can follow — can be found in the digestive process. Per the report referenced above, alcohol is absorbed slowly in the stomach. However, once it enters the small intestines, the rate of absorption begins to increase.

This is why Alcovit starts working at the front end of the digestive system. The novel supplement utilizes the mineral zeolite to capture and "escort" alcohol out of the digestive system before it’s able to be significantly absorbed.

Alcovit is able to do this through a proprietary manufacturing process that starts with premium resource selection. The company’s zeolite, which is a form of volcanic rock, is sourced from South Africa. After extensive research, the brand discovered that this region had one of the purest, most effective forms of zeolite in the world.

This rock is handpicked and sent to Germany, where it is carefully milled following precise GMP standards. This ensures optimal particle size so that the zeolite becomes soluble but remains large enough to avoid absorption into the digestive system.

Once ingested (along with the other health-boosting vitamins and minerals included in the supplement’s formula) Alcovit goes to work right away in the stomach. Here, it starts to "soak" up alcohol before it can be absorbed, especially in the intestines.

The result is a much smaller alcoholic effect when drinking. This enables Alcovit users to enjoy a social night out or a special dinner without worrying about that dreaded hangover the following morning.

Needless to say, Alcovit is a mover and a shaker in the supplement industry. No product to date has managed to create a formula that can deaden the effects of a hangover so effectively. This is because Alcovit doesn’t just nourish a body battered by excessive drinking. It helps prevent hangovers from ever happening in the first place.

About Alcovit: Alcovit is marketed by CDM Medical, LLC, a company that focuses on developing innovative solutions for consumers around the world. Alcovit has obtained a European Patent (# EP 2 538 950) from the E.P.A. in Munich, Germany. Learn more about CDM-Medical at

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