Adjustable Dumbbell Innovator MX Select and Home Gym Equipment Innovator Hyperwear Announce Collaborative Fitness Solutions

AUSTIN, Texas and ROCHESTER, Minn., Feb. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MX Select, leading experts in premium rapid change adjustable dumbbells, adjustable barbell and curl bar systems, is joining forces for consumer home gym expansion. Beginning today the MX Select premium quality selectorized free weight systems are available from Hyperwear the innovation driven leader for home gym equipment.

MX Select leading designs were born in the USA and took over a decade of toil to hone and refine. The result is a series of superbly crafted cost-saving selectorized weight systems. MX Select adjustable dumbbells and barbells save on space and increase training efficiency. The selectorized weight system from MX Select works together with an intelligent design that is robust and reliable. The compact size, balanced feel and totally secure MX Select System enhances any home gym or fitness studio. 

Hyperwear adds to its portfolio of consumer home gym and commercial studio fitness solutions. Hyperwear products transform the limits of small spaces into full functional fitness workouts. Garage gyms and home gyms can expand strength training with the cost efficiency and small footprint of adjustable dumbbells and barbells. Combining their purchase with space saving Hyper Rope® battle ropes, stackable SandBell® free weights, and adjustable SoftBell® kettlebells.

"Partnering with Hyperwear was an easy decision. Our companies complement each other so well. MX Fitness Supply now has the ability to reach customers previously not on our radar regarding marketing strategy. We also complement each other in terms of philosophy and dedication to customer service. Both companies are dedicated to an honest no-nonsense approach to educating customers for the best possible information to base their buying decisions." said Co-Owner of MX Fitness Supply, Lance Goodemann.

"Variety and selection makes the strength workout experience more fun and effective. That helps build fitness habits and results," states Hyperwear CEO Dirk Buikema, "Our customers can now afford to include many free weights no matter the limitations of their home gym space. For home gyms or fitness studios, it just makes everything easier and more cost effective."

About MX Fitness:  MX Fitness Supply is the North American and Canadian Distributor for all MX Select Products Based in Rochester, MN. The MX Fitness Supply team brings over 50 years of expertise in the Exercise Equipment Sales, Service, and Distribution. Visit or email

About Hyperwear: Hyper Wear Inc. is a world leader in fitness innovation creating Unconventional Tools for Unconventional training. Products include Hyper Vest® weighted vests, SandBell® sandbag training free weights, Hyper Rope® flexible metal core weighted jump rope and battle ropes, and SoftBell® system of soft weight plates for dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and hand weights.  Visit or email

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