Ańalemma – Mother Nature’s Refreshing and Invigorating Power Distilled in the Waters of Life

NEW YORK, Oct. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ańalemma (https://Ańalemma-water.com/) recently highlighted the rejuvenating effects of using their signature crystal tool for health and wellness. Developed by two Dutch scientists, Ańalemma is a clear quartz, crystal tube-wand filled with a special "Mother Water" that transforms regular tap and bottled water into a supercharged, full spectrum, coherent state. Ańalemma has a variety of positive, independently studied effects on any living creature that ingests the water. The Ańalemma tool is currently available exclusively from the company’s website.

"What sounds like science fiction has been brought to life by the wonder of Ańalemma," said CEO Mario Brainovic. "Because 99% of our molecules are H2O, we’re all basically just clever water. And that’s why the quality of the water we drink can powerfully impact the quality of our lives. Due to various environmental reasons, including pollution, H2O molecules in our drinking water behave in irregular and chaotic ways – crashing into each other constantly. This happens on an atomic level, so we’re not really aware of it. But by swirling the Ańalemma tool through this water, H2O molecules start forming a liquid crystalline structure. The molecules start linking together and behaving harmonically. And this is a harmony you can literally drink."

Ańalemma: Proven Science of GlycanAge*

Testing the impact of Ańalemma water on human health, scientists employed an independent innovative method used to evaluate biological age and health through new biological markers: called the GlycanAge. The GlycanAge test very precisely determines biological age, often in contrast to chronological age. It tells how old an individual actually is, serving as a useful tool to help assess overall health and wellness. The award-winning scientists who developed the test are at the forefront of biochemistry and molecular biology, having studied aging for over 20 years and published their findings in more than 120 scientific journals.

GlycanAge studies with Ańalemma had participants of both sexes and various ages. They took the first GlycanAge test to create a base point, before participants began drinking Ańalemma water on a daily basis – at least one liter (35 oz) a day for three months. Participants of the study kept to their usual lifestyle routines. Everything stayed the same, except the water they drank. After three months, a second GlycanAge test was administered. The results were astonishing. All of the participants except one experienced an incredible 1-12 biological age revitalization/rejuvenation just by drinking Ańalemma water.

Several Ańalemma studies were also conducted on plants. Plants watered with Ańalemma water release 50% more light (bio photons) than plants watered with regular water. Ańalemma water literally increases the plants’ vitality, its life force, by 50%.

"Ańalemma encourages water to become alive again," said Brainovic. "The water’s harmonic structure has a remarkable influence on all living things, opening up pathways to make your body more connected, more in tune with nature. Ańalemma regenerates your body, balances your brainwaves, and puts your being into a state of coherence. The results of coherent water on humans, animals, and plants have always been remarkable. Whole living systems are regenerated on the cellular level."

Ańalemma: Expert Reviews

"If you are alive, you should be drinking this water; it’s as simple as that." – Dr. Renee Steimman, MD

"This water is a blessing." Dr. Eric Laarakker, DMV, founder of Healthcare Academy Den Hoek.

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*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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