A Husband’s Love Creates a New Field of Medicine, Prevents Emergency Surgeries

Inspired by love, a builder and his wife developed a bodywork that can avert two common emergency surgeries

GAINESVILLE, Fla., Sept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Larry Wurn, Research Director at Clear Passage® Therapies, loved Belinda from the time he was three years old. As they prepared to marry at age 30, she was diagnosed with aggressive cervical cancer. Emergency surgery saved her life but left physical therapist Belinda in debilitating pain from adhesions – powerful internal scars that can form after tissue damage. Her doctors said, “There is no cure for adhesions; surgery will create more. You will be in severe pain your entire life.” The couple found this forecast unacceptable.

“While adhesions form naturally after surgery, the only cure is another surgery – a problem for doctors in several fields of medicine,” according to Wurn. “We had to find a non-surgical cure or my wife would be in terrible pain forever.”

As a homebuilder, Larry viewed adhesions from a structural standpoint. In doing so, he suspected a weak spot existed among the powerful collagen fibers that comprise them. Interviews with medical experts helped confirm his suspicions. The couple began developing a hands-on bodywork (the Clear Passage® Approach) focused on detaching bonds deep within adhesions, slowly shredding them like pulling out the run in a sweater. Larry left his profession to become a massage therapist.

Creating Life

After the therapy cured Belinda’s pain, they started treating women with pelvic adhesions. They were shocked when women with totally blocked fallopian tubes became pregnant after receiving their new therapy. Several had successive full-term pregnancies indicating the therapy had lasting effects.

Richard King, MD, gynecologist Chief of Staff of a nearby hospital encouraged their research. “Their success rates rivaled what I could do surgically,” he said. “We saw numerous full-term pregnancies in women whose tubes had been totally blocked by adhesions before therapy. The fact that they could decrease adhesions deep within the pelvis without the risks and costs of surgery was remarkable.”

Saving Lives

After opening tiny fallopian tubes, the Wurns turned their therapy to adhesions that cause two of America’s top five emergency surgeries (JAMA Surgery): abdominal adhesions and bowel obstructions. A study by doctors at Stanford and Washington University show that Clear Passage prevented life-threatening total bowel obstructions by 15 times the norm (p=0.0003) – without surgery or drugs.


Over 1,000 babies have been born to women diagnosed infertile, then treated at their Clear Passage® clinics since the Wurns began their quest to help Belinda, 30 years ago. The Wurns estimate they have saved hundreds of lives and reversed chronic pain in many more. “It’s like they have invented a new field of Medicine,” Dr. King said. 

Safety and effectiveness of the therapy for treating female infertility, pelvic pain and small bowel obstruction is supported by several peer-reviewed citations and studies. Available in clinics throughout the U.S.A. and in England, treatment is generally performed over five days, with two hours of hands-on therapy each morning and afternoon. No drugs or surgery are used. Applicants complete a Medical History Form which Clear Passage reviews at no charge to determine appropriateness and likelihood of success. For more information, click here, call 352-336-1433, email info@clearpassage.com or visit www.ClearPassage.com

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