A Fueled Body Is a Healthy Body

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — When the concept of fueling the body comes up, it usually invokes images of healthy, well-proportioned meals. Vitamins and dietary supplements are occasionally tossed into the picture, but even then, only in superficial ways. Basics like Vitamin C and Vitamin D take front and center due to their obvious role in helping the body remain healthy.

However, often there are other, more out of the way supplements that can also provide critical fuel for a well-functioning body — especially when you’re talking about long-term health. At least, that’s what Revelox founder Luce Duchaussoy thought when she started reading about the many invaluable health benefits of Hyaluronic Acid (HA).

The Health and Wellness CEO quickly realized the enormous power of HA as a tool to help keep the body’s skin and joints healthy. Equipped with her research, she started taking the less well-known supplement herself. Her only regret in doing so was that she hadn’t taken the step sooner. In her own words, “Had I known that HA was THE essential molecule to fight the effects of aging, that it was a natural anti-inflammatory and crucial to maintain healthy joints, skin and bones, I would have supplemented with HA much earlier.”

The next step, in Duchaussoy’s eyes, was to share her discovery with the world. With this in mind, the entrepreneur launched Revelox in 2012. The company’s primary goal was to create products that could “fight the aging process by consuming key ingredients giving back to the body what it needs to stay healthy.” While most anti-aging supplements focus on topical application and concerns, Revelox remained obsessed with this goal of creating “beauty from within by giving back to the body the necessary ingredients at the cellular level.”

Revelox’s products aren’t simply focused on creating smooth skin or youthful looks. They have drawn consistent praise from customers as an effective way to address a variety of ailments. These range from hip replacements and hernias all the way to fractured bones. Many of these reviews reference the speed of the relief, bearing out the company’s name — a combination of the Latin words velox revelium, which translates as “quick relief.”

Why have Revelox’s products resonated so well with consumers? Because of the emphasis on the inside. The brand leaves shallow external considerations behind in an attempt to truly give the body the fuel that it needs to function in both the short- and the long-term. It’s a message that the modern world is well-equipped to hear.

About Revelox: Revelox was founded in 2012 and has made its mark in the Canadian health and wellness industry ever since. Its products are known for their application of unique ingredients like Monk Fruit and Hyaluronic Acid. More recently, the brand has begun an international marketing campaign, making inroads into the U.S. and e-commerce markets where it is quickly finding success as a provider of healthy, effective supplements.

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