180 Cakes Helps Those Struggling with Certain Food Intolerances

A Food Intolerance Can Significantly Impact Quality of Life. 180 Cakes Is Enabling Those with Certain Intolerances to Enjoy Food Again.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. , April 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 180 Cakes is an Australian alternative baking brand founded by professional pastry chef Kara Payne. The brand’s primary focus has always been on helping those with severe dietary restrictions, such as anyone with celiac or diabetes, to eat gluten-free, sugar-free desserts that taste delicious. The brand’s popular baking mixes also cater well to the keto and low-carb crowd. But there’s another group that can significantly benefit from Payne’s masterful culinary dessert mixes: those living with gluten and sugar sensitivities.

You don’t need a full-blown food allergy to suffer from ingesting certain kinds of foods. For example, sucrose (e.g., sugar) and gluten (e.g., wheat products) are common intolerances. Unlike a food allergy, which consists of an immune system response that can be very dangerous, a food intolerance simply means the body does not create enough digestive enzymes to break down certain kinds of foods properly.

In the case of a sucrose or gluten intolerance, this can significantly impact baked goods, most of which incorporate both wheat and sugar as key ingredients. When that is the case, individuals can be left with uncomfortable and even painful symptoms as their digestive systems struggle to break down food.

That’s where 180 Cakes can make a difference. "We use only the highest quality, clean ingredients, compared to our competitors, who use cheaper alternatives," explains Payne, adding that "We also only use ingredients essential to the mix. That means no added preservatives, bulking agents, or chemicals." As an example, Payne points to her 180 Cakes Brownie Mix, which only has four ingredients: xylitol, almond meal, cocoa, and baking powder. In comparison, Payne points out that most competitors will have an average of 10 different ingredients in a mix.

This simple, clean approach to alternative baking makes Payne’s recipes an excellent option for anyone tracking their food. This includes important audiences, like those managing a serious health condition or trying to stick to a diet. However, it also extends to those who simply struggle to digest certain foods. For those with a gluten or sucrose intolerance, 180 Cakes offers a delicious way to still enjoy food without the need to suffer from digestive pain as a consequence.

About 180 Cakes: 180 Cakes is an Australian company that was launched in February of 2018 by professional chef, Kara Payne. The company caters to the needs of those that follow the diabetes, celiac, and keto diets. Each 180 Cakes recipe focuses on using a minimal number of natural, clean ingredients in perfect quantities that are tailored to create an optimal flavor profile. Learn more about 180 Cakes at 180cakes.com.

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