180 Cakes Creates Alternative Desserts So Good, Even a Kid Will Want to Eat Them

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It’s no secret that alternative food options often taste odd. The need to use different ingredients tends to create unusual and often unpleasant versions of products that can’t seem to taste quite like the real thing. This inability for alternative baking products to mirror the original food’s taste is a large part of what pushed 180 Cakes owner Kara Payne to create her company.

When Payne launched 180 Cakes in early 2018, she had spent the greater part of the previous decade training to become a professional chef and then working as a pastry chef in a traditional bakery. The over-exposure to gluten-filled, sugary treats convinced Payne that there had to be a healthier way to enjoy a dessert. So she put her head — and her kitchen — to work in an attempt to find an answer.

"It took me seven months of experimentation just to create my first cake mix," Payne explains, "because I refused to compromise on taste and quality." Payne focused on using clean ingredients in limited amounts. "I only used ingredients essential to the mix," she says, "no added preservatives, bulking agents, or chemicals."

The result was a cake mix that simultaneously kept blood sugar levels low and tasted delicious. The true litmus test, though, came when a friend’s daughter with type 1 Diabetes tried the recipe. "A friend’s daughter with Type 1 diabetes tried the cake," Payne says, and it wasn’t long before she got glowing feedback. "The friend came back to me and said it didn’t spike her daughter’s blood sugar levels. She requested turning it into a packet mix since there was nothing else on the market."

Payne’s friend’s daughter wasn’t the only person with Diabetes who enjoyed the new creation. "When I launched my range of baking mixes in February of 2018, it was only after working closely with the diabetes community," she says. "During that time, I found that too often a mom of a Type 1 Diabetic child would make one cake for the Type 1 child and one cake for everyone else. I wanted to create one cake to satisfy everyone!"

The results of this ambitious goal speak for themselves. 180 Cakes don’t just use a limited number of clean ingredients in perfect measure to stay gluten- and sugar-free. They are also exceptionally delicious, making them the perfect dessert option for the whole family — even the kids — to enjoy together.

About 180 Cakes: 180 Cakes is an Australian company that was launched in February of 2018 by professional chef Kara Payne. The company caters to the needs of those that follow the diabetes, celiacs, and keto diets. Each 180 Cakes recipe focuses on using a minimal number of natural, clean ingredients in perfect quantities that are tailored to create an optimal flavor profile. Learn more about 180 Cakes at 180cakes.com.

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