Zero In On Nutrition Aims to Bring a Holistic Mindset to the CBD Industry

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The CBD industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the health and wellness space. Still in a “Wild West” stage of early development, the burgeoning cannabidiol market has entrepreneurs everywhere racing to cobble together products, set up an online presence, and find a way to reach consumers in spite of a sea of intense competition. Inevitably, this free-market rush can lead to hurried research and development, poor service, and a wide disparity in the quality of products from one manufacturer to the next.

However, there’s one company in the CBD niche that seems to have found a way to overcome these quality control issues with aplomb. Zero In On Nutrition — Z.I.O.N. for short — isn’t simply focused on getting a line of CBD products into the market as quickly as possible. The fledgling organization has made it a company-wide goal to enable healthy living by genuinely answering consumer needs. Z.I.O.N.’s attention doesn’t simply focus on addressing symptoms or making sales. It revolves around a desire to promote holistic health. In other words, the objective isn’t to provide fleeting short-term aid but to assist in helping individuals establish a stable foundation of health and wellness for the long-term.

With this noble objective in mind, the U.S.-based enterprise has developed an impressive line of high-performance products that strive to combine affordability with quality. The folks at Zero In On Nutrition stress the fact that they go above and beyond to avoid cutting corners or compromising on quality. They even insist on third-party testing to confirm that their products are consistently THC-free. This obsession with quality and treating customers as “part of the family” finds its genesis in the president of the company, Rocco DiPietro. The CEO has multiple years of experience in the nutraceutical field, which has given him insight into the nitty-gritty back end of the health and wellness industry. This enabled DiPietro to see that the CBD industry, in particular, was in sore need of some quality control.

With DiPietro’s fanatical need to care for the customer as a guiding light, Z.I.O.N. has managed to infuse its business operations with a sense of care and concern that genuinely looks to improve the lives of its customers. From offering both tinctures and salves to cotton candy flavors, pet-friendly options, and even two-day shipping, Zero In On Nutrition is looking to beat out its intense competition through one of the oldest tricks in the book: putting the customer first. It will be interesting to watch this young, family-centric brand as it attempts to make its mark on the CBD industry in the months and years ahead.

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