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MIAMI, Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As one of Miami’s premiere medical spas, Miami Wellness and Aesthetics Center has been providing patients with the very best in non-invasive cosmetic treatment, for nearly a decade now. While they certainly offer a number of traditional cosmetic treatments, one of their key specialties is wellness care, and one of the hottest trends in wellness – IV Therapy.

IV Therapy is one of the most effective and versatile, wellness treatments around today, allowing patients to get a direct, intravenous infusion of vital fluids, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, to the bloodstream. Not only is this faster, and more efficient than simply taking vitamins or medications orally, but drips like the Vitamin Infusion with B12, are able to provide a number of amazing benefits, for both the inner health, and outer appearance.

The Vitamin Infusion is one of the most popular in Dr. Hamadiya’s arsenal, and as one of the active compounds, Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin found in different foods and animal products. It is vital to processes like the formation of DNA and red blood cells, as well as the normal function of our nerve cells. Many experts recommend vitamin B12, as it offers a number of amazing health benefits.

In addition, the Vitamin Infusion can help provide patients with improved hair, skin, and nails, anti-aging benefits, cell restoration, enhanced energy, improved metabolism, liver and organ detoxification and much more. As a powerful detoxifying drip, the Vitamin Infusion can not only improve your immune system, allowing you to stave off illness, but it also enhances your ability to metabolize prescription medications and vital micronutrients.

Many patients use the Vitamin Infusion for an energy boost to help with the rigors of daily life – scheduling a session 1 to 2 times a month.

To find out if the Vitamin Infusion Drip is right for you, visit DrHamadiya.com and book your consultation today.

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Miami Wellness and Aesthetics Center is one of the Miami’s foremost medical spas, offering patients with non-invasive cosmetic care for nearly a decade. Trained at the Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Hamadiya is an aesthetics expert known for his expertise in injectable treatments, and all around anti-aging. He is dedicated to providing patients with the most natural looking, aesthetically-pleasing results, while ensuring to maintain their overall health and wellness. The practice is located at 40 SW 13th Street, Suite 402, Miami, Florida 33130.

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