Why Cinnamon Is Key to Adsorbing Malodorous Smells

Wound Malodors Are Common and Can Degrade a Patient’s Quality of Life. Cinesteam’s Innovative Over-the-Counter Secondary Dressing Uses Cinnamon to Help Manage Malodors.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Malodorous wounds release smells created by bacteria and necrotic tissue in an open or healing wound. They are a significant side effect of the healing process and can degrade the quality of life for a patient and those around them if they aren’t managed properly. This is what inspired the research and development team behind Cinesteam® to create their innovative adsorbent dressing.

“Cinesteam® is a secondary dressing, meaning it goes on top of a primary dressing and is solely focused on addressing the smell,” explains the Director of Operations and Business Development at Cemag Care Clémence Desjardin. “In developing the dressing, our main focus was to find the best substance to not just mask but adsorb the smells. In other words, we didn’t just want to cover over unpleasant smells. We wanted to remove them and replace them with something better, turning each olfactory experience from a negative to a positive.”

With this goal in mind, the team developed a unique dressing that features multiple breathable layers, including an adsorbent core and a sachet filled with the product’s natural ingredient for containing malodors: cinnamon.

During development, the team experimented with a number of clean, safe, natural substances known for their odor-control capabilities. Coffee, cloves, turmeric, and pepper were all considered, but cinnamon outperformed them all. In vitro sensory studies with charcoal and spices revealed that cinnamon was the most effective option. Further chromatographic analysis discovered that the adsorption profile of cinnamon was superior to other spices. Not only did it effectively bind unwanted odors but it released its own VOCs into the air. Prototypes of the product revealed that 83% of patients reported that their wound malodors were completely eliminated.

Wound malodors are common, and solutions to address them are sparse. Cinesteam® stands out as a unique solution in an underserved market. It offers an effective and safe way to restore quality of life to patient and caregiver lives.

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About Cinesteam®:
Cinesteam® is a brand owned by a French pharmaceutical company based in Paris, Cemag Care, which was founded in 2016 by Dr. André Ulmann. The brand is built on an innovative over-the-counter medical solution that uses a single natural ingredient (cinnamon) as a secondary dressing for those managing malodorous wounds from tumors, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, and more. Cinesteam® effectively masks unwelcome odors and improves quality of life. (It does not heal the wound itself). The patented concept was developed from 2015 to 2019 and brought to market in Europe in 2020. NOTE: Cinesteam® is a class one medical device. Please read the instructions before use. Learn more at cinesteamcare.com and cemagcare.com.

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