Wellness Industry Financial Consultant Launches New Website and Brand

Education, advice, and accounting services for alternative health providers

PORTLAND, Ore., March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Financial accountant, financial educator, business advisor, and respected author Lozelle Mathai now has both a new website and company name showcasing her expertise in the business finance aspects of holistic health and wellness. Now known as Healthy Bodies of Finance, Mrs. Mathai’s bookkeeping, accounting and advisory services firm focuses on alternative health and wellness professionals such as medical spas, estheticians, mental health therapy, behavioral counseling, massage therapy, body work therapy, chiropractic and wellness clinics, yoga and Pilates instructors, and nutritionists.

The Portland, Oregon based accounting and business finance consultant used the opportunity to refine her brand when she trademarked her business. Formerly known as Body of Accounting, Mrs. Mathai’s new website emphasizes the accounting and consultancy services offered to holistic health and wellness professionals. The name of the business has changed, but the well-received and exceptional services, noted by past and current clients, remain the same.

After a successful career in the Fortune 500 world, Mrs. Mathai discovered a business opportunity through a personal journey that incorporated many holistic practices. Through those practices, from massage therapy to martial arts, she discovered, “Most health, wellness, and alternative medicine curriculum lack the financial education, financial management, and financial operation elements of running a successful health, wellness and alternative medicine practice.”

A key fundamental for a successful practice is a strong understanding of business finances – and that begins with solid bookkeeping and the understanding of financial management, says Mrs. Mathai. Accurate bookkeeping provides key data for planning business growth and investment, anticipating taxes, and filing accurate tax returns through a CPA/tax preparer. 

But, understanding business finance is a lot more than taxes, says Mrs. Mathai. Building a growing alternative health practice requires a chief financial officer, someone who can understand the financial data and look to the future, especially if selling the practice is a long-term goal. But most small businesses cannot afford or need a full-time CFO. This is where Healthy Bodies of Finance comes in, explains Mrs. Mathai. “Unlike typical generic accounting firms in Portland or anywhere in the US, we offer services for all levels of a growing alternative medicine practice/studio/spa.”

With her extensive education in accounting and finance, along with her corporate experience and being the founder of a black and woman-owned business focused on the alternative health industry, Mrs. Mathai is a well-qualified advisor for the role of education educational, financial leaders and CFO.

Mrs. Mathai’s passion for alternative health and wellness is also reflected in her writing and speaking engagements. She is a frequent contributor to industry resource Massage Magazine. When she is not enjoying time with her husband and three “superhero” children, you’ll find Lozelle practicing belly dancing, going to CrossFit, enjoying a massage, or hanging out with Accounting Stylist and HBOF Mascot Coco.

Healthy Bodies of Finance serves alternative health and wellness clients nationwide. To learn more about HBOF’s services and schedule a complimentary video consultation, fill out the contact form or call 971-337-0444.

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