Walk With Ease – Take A Load Off Your Joints with Urban Poling

ATLANTA and VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Karen Allen had great incentive to get into shape last year. Her daughter was getting married in Mexico plus she had a Hawaiian vacation booked. “I wanted to look good in my dress and swimsuit,” says the 73-year-old retired healthcare worker with a laugh.

But with arthritis in both hands and one hip, she felt her exercise options were limited. Plus, she’d never really enjoyed being active.

Fortunately, she noticed that her local YMCA was introducing a walking program using Urban Poling ACTIVATOR® poles. When she heard that the poles’ large rubbery handles were designed specifically for weak hands and that there were upper body and core muscle strengthening benefits too, she signed on immediately.

“I really adore it,” says Karen, who currently walks with her poles three times a week. “My weak hands can easily hold onto the poles, and my hip seldom hurts anymore.” As instructed, she holds the handles with a loose grip while resting the outside edges of her hands on the wide base of the handles.

The ACTIVATOR® poles have been received so enthusiastically by people with weak and arthritic hands that they have recently been accepted as an Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use product. These are products that have undergone independent scientific testing and have also been tested by a panel of individuals living with arthritis. Products with the Ease-of-Use seal of approval make it easier for people with arthritis to continue enjoying the activities they love.

“Arthritis presents myriad challenges, one being the ability to grip securely with the hands,” says Tammy Bennett, Healthy Living Director, Whatcom Family YMCA, in Bellingham, Washington. “The large ACTIVATOR® handles create ease in gripping. All of our students appreciate the difference between the ACTIVATOR® poles and traditional walking poles, which typically have very thin handles.”

The ACTIVATOR® poles have practical advantages as well, says Todd Exley, who is a physical therapist and managing partner of three FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers in Pennsylvania. “Compared to a walker, they’re much easier to transport, load and unload,” he says. “My patients really love their ACTIVATORS®.” Physical therapists like Todd are embracing the Activator® Poles & Program for their patients supporting improved balance, taking pressure off painful joints, and for general gait-retraining.

Although Karen’s vacation and her daughter’s wedding have passed, she’s more motivated than ever to keep moving with her poles with less pain in each and every step she takes.   

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