Volurine Utilizes D-Mannose to Safely Prevent UTIs

The Natural Simple Sugar Has Shown Signs of Effectively Bonding to E. Coli, Preventing UTIs From Forming

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Urinary tract infections or UTIs are a common bacterial infection. Health brand SYNEVIT®’s natural supplement Volurine helps manage UTIs quickly. Its key ingredient is D-mannose, which has been shown to be effective in managing one of the most common bacterial culprits in UTIs.

There are over 400 million UTI cases per year, with women being particularly at risk. Over half of women will develop a UTI in their lifetime, and the condition accounts for nearly a quarter of all infections in that demographic. UTIs form from a bacterial infection. While this can come from many different germs, one is particularly infamous as a UTI culprit: Escherichia coli or E.coli. E. coli is a “sticky” bacteria. If introduced to the urinary tract, it can easily bind to the lining of the urinary system.

Antibiotics are the most common solution for a UTI. (It’s always important to consult with your doctor when considering UTI treatment.) However, while effective, antibiotics clear an individual’s system of both good and bad bacteria, prompting many consumers to seek natural alternatives with less harsh side effects. One of these is D-mannose, a natural simple sugar that functions as the key ingredient in SYENVIT®’s UTI supplement Volurine.

D-mannose sticks to bacteria, preventing it from binding to the wall of the bladder. In theory, this simple solution allows the body to easily excrete unwanted bacteria through urination. The supplement is not metabolized by the body, making it safe for diabetics, and it can be used as a preventative without any known side effects. There is growing scientific data backing the validity of D-mannose as a UTI solution, with one study claiming that its observations found that “d-mannose is a promising alternative to antibiotics in the treatment of acute uncomplicated UTIs in women.”

“Volurine contains multiple ingredients, including cranberry extract and vitamin C,” says SYNEVIT® founder George Cvetkovski. “However, D-mannose lies at the heart of the formula. It is becoming a popular natural alternative that is a safe, effective way to prevent UTIs without the need to wait for the signs of a painful infection to appear. It’s an innovative, safe, and effective tool that has the potential to revolutionize the long-term health of hundreds of millions of UTI-prone individuals around the world.”

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