Vironix Health to Deploy Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Capability in The Vancouver Clinic’s Transitional Care Team

The Vancouver Clinic (TVC) is utilizing Vironix Health’s AI-Enabled Remote Patient Care Products to Combat Preventable Heart Disease Hospitalizations in Vancouver, WA

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Health Company, Vironix Health, is deploying its AI-Remote Therapeutic Monitoring technology among transitional care patients at The Vancouver Clinic (TVC) in Vancouver, WA. This effort is focused on raising wellness, lowering preventable hospitalization, and supporting value-based care.

TVC is the largest private, multispecialty clinic in Clark County, WA with more than 1,200 employees and 400 clinicians caring for 170,000 patients across southwest Washington. The clinic is increasingly focused on value-based care approaches that prioritize patient health outcomes above traditional service-based economic incentives. These programs are improving efficiency, lowering cost-of-care, and raising quality-of-life throughout Washington. In partnering with Vironix, TVC is incorporating novel precision monitoring and AI capabilities into its preventative care arsenal.

Vironix’s proprietary remote therapeutic monitoring technology gathers and interprets a diverse set of biometric, patient-reported, and environmental health data in order to help care providers and patients intervene early on dangerous heath deterioration episodes. Merging Vironix’s real-time health tracking and interpretation software with managed care staff has been shown to deliver significant patient health improvement with high adoption. Vironix supports both value-based and fee-for-service initiatives with no upfront investment required from providers. 

Vironix Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Sumanth Swaminathan, said, “The Vancouver Clinic is a premier multi-specialty outpatient clinic that prioritizes value-based care and patient health. We are eager to support these forward-looking providers as they raise standards of excellence in the quality and efficiency of care delivery. We couldn’t think of a better partner with whom to demonstrate the power of AI-remote monitoring. Our global community has an opportunity to save countless lives and reduce billions in preventable healthcare costs by arming caregivers, patients, and their families with the tools needed to intervene on disease escalation before it’s too late.

Vironix’s data aggregation, visualization, and AI-interpretation software will be used by TVC care providers to monitor patients for decompensation. TVC will enroll members and utilize Vironix’s SaaS products for ongoing remote monitoring. Vironix will provide biometric measurement devices, managed care services, software, and API access.

Dr. Kyle Lamb, Hospitalist and Associate Medical Director of Population Health said, “Our team is excited by Vironix’s ability to gather structured, actionable data from patients and deliver visualization, risk stratification, and interpretation tools to support early intervention. Having accurate disease progression data shared among our diverse provider group will elevate our ability to treat patients at home while increasing safety and improving operational efficiency.”

Dr. Nicholas Wysham, Pulmonary Critical Care Specialist said, “I’ve been excited about enhanced remote patient care technology since I was a pulmonary fellow at Duke University. We’re confident that Vironix’s approach will meaningfully lower care costs and benefit patient care. We’re further impressed with how seamlessly Vironix integrates into our workflows.”

About Vironix Health: An Austin-based digital health company delivering preventative care through AI-enabled, condition-specific remote monitoring technologies. Vironix helps physicians, clinics, and hospitals to execute low-cost, efficient, at-home patient management that generates significant insurance reimbursement and value-based care bonuses without imposing new resource burden. For more information, see Vironix’s Campaign.

About The Vancouver Clinic: The largest private, multispecialty clinic in Clark County, WA with more than 1,200 employees and 400 providers. Healthcare services include pulmonology, orthopedics, cardiology, sports medicine, and many others. TVC also maintains a robust research program for evaluating traditional and digital therapies. For more information, visit

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