Viprox Helps the Body Help Itself

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Viprox package is a trio of products created by Canadian health and wellness company Cymcorp. The three products included in the therapy regimen enable individuals to boost their bodily health through elite hydration, top-notch digestion, and superb cellular health. This, in turn, can ensure that the immune system is functioning at its best, even during one of the most illness-prone times of the year.

When Robert Gauthier founded his innovative enterprise, Cymcorp, in 2003, it was with the objective of developing health solutions that didn’t just "attack" existing issues. When the company was founded, it was in the wake of seven long years spent researching biology and human anatomy. The founder had even traveled the world researching and collaborating with countless reputable medical doctors and advisors.

The goal throughout this process was to develop a solution that would help the body do what it’s naturally meant to do: protect itself. Rather than create weaponized solutions that focused on external invaders, Gauthier’s company developed a line of products that proactively bolster critical areas such as the immune system — in effect, helping the body to help itself.

The heart and soul of Cymcorp’s product line is Viprox, a trilogy of products that focus on reinforcing the body’s basic needs. Viprox includes Une-Vie, Triozyme Complex, and GSH Complex. These address hydration, digestion, and immunity, respectively.

"With Viprox we treat you holistically," Gauthier explains. "We go at the root cause of any dysfunction at the intracellular level, offering a true quality of life."

Gauthier also adds that he cannot emphasize enough how much holistic health matters for his organization. "Health is not the mere absence of disease," he says, "It is total spiritual, mental, physical, and yes, financial well-being."

For Cymcorp, the ultimate objective is to create healthy minds and bodies that can live life to the fullest. This starts with basic building blocks such as hydration, digestion, and a strong immune system that can protect against things such as the common cold or the flu.

Once these foundational elements of health are in place, it sets the stage for individuals to enjoy prolonged, healthier, and happier lives — an objective that lies at the heart of everything Cymcorp stands for.

About Cymcorp: Cymcorp is a Canadian health and wellness brand that has been at the forefront of cellular health for over two decades. The company was created after founder Robert Gauthier asked himself the question "Isn’t there a better way to combat illness and maintain our health?" The answer led to Viprox, Cymcorp’s complete health care treatment which specializes in providing GSH and supportive elements to the body in order to maintain its inherent health properties over time. Learn more about Cymcorp at

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