Vibrant Health, Makers of America’s First Green Superfood Supplement, Launch New Product

SHELTON, Conn., March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Life is hard, but it’s even harder when you can’t trust your gut.

Millions of people suffer from health conditions that affect their digestive tracts, and these conditions make it a lot harder to lead a fulfilling life. Many traditional remedies make digestive issues feel like a life sentence without pizza, and, for a while, many people accepted their fate.  

But in 1992, a new company called Vibrant Health emerged in the Health and Wellness market with a solution called Green Vibrance. Green Vibrance supported detoxification, antioxidant protection, and digestive tract rehabilitation, and legions of people found themselves feeling more Vibrant as a result.

The success of Green Vibrance resulted in Vibrant Health’s exponential growth. But instead of placating the status quo, the company set its sights on continuous improvement. This brings us to their newest addition: Green Vibrance +Protein, a comprehensive, vegan-friendly nutritional solution.

Vibrant Health just celebrated 30 years in business, but we are, and always have been, far from a company that is set in our ways. We’ve continued to iterate and improve our products in order to help our customers reach their health and wellness goals. Green Vibrance +Protein is just our newest way of doing that,” says Paige Parker, Co-Owner of Vibrant Health.

This new addition to the Vibrant Health portfolio is a complex superfood that not only aids indigestion, circulation, and immunity but also encourages lean muscle development and provides weight management support. Green Vibrance +Protein contains over 70 premium ingredients, 25 billion CFU of probiotics per serving, and 20 grams per serving of lean and clean vegan protein. You’ll know every ingredient that makes it so great because there is truth in every word, trust in every formula, and transparency in all that Vibrant Health does. Which isn’t always the case in the Health and Wellness market.

Vibrant Health is different because their passion is their line of work; passion for the company, the products, and the customers means the pursuit of perfection never ends. Which is why they’ll always look to do better.

When we feel great, we can do great things, and that’s the cornerstone of living a vibrant life…

…and having a gut you can trust.

Vibrant Health
Laura Galvan

SOURCE Vibrant Health