VemoHerb Brings Extensive Experience to Supplement Manufacturing

The Bulgarian Health and Wellness Brand is Backed by Decades of In-House and Third-Party Experience

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Supplements are a normal part of life. 86% of Americans take vitamins or supplements, and yet, few consider where each product comes from. This is alarming, considering the fact that the FDA regulations in the area of supplementation are tepid at best.

The need for quality and consistency in the supplement market is one that VemoHerb can answer with authority. The veteran nutraceutical brand operates out of Bulgaria, where it has spent nearly a quarter of a century developing a unique, in-house supplement manufacturing process. This includes key standards (such as only using wild-grown herbs) and elite techniques (including proprietary know-how technology used for herbal extractions at high concentrations).

“VemoHerb was founded before the turn of the century,” explains company co-owner Vasil Zlatev. “We are a family-owned enterprise that was established by my parents, who founded one of the most advanced bio-chemical factory in Eastern Europe at the time. They began researching the concept of creating strong, concentrated herbal extracts from the potent, clean, wild-grown herbs grown right here in the mountains of Bulgaria.”

The company created its own lab facility to make this process easier. The facility was so effective that it even began providing analytical services for other customers. Later, this core element of the growing enterprise created a sister company, VemoHerb, with the express purpose of developing and producing biologically active supplements based on herbal extracts extracted in-house.

That enterprise continues to endure over two decades later. The brand maintains a respected reputation as a creator of high-quality supplements backed by both a respect for nature and a cutting-edge production process.

The VemoHerb family also continues to supplement its inherent experience and industry authority with outside input and endorsements. For instance, the brand’s team works with specialists with many years of experience in the field of dietary supplements and the pharma industry. It also actively seeks the opinions of professional athletes and famous trainers. These individuals measure their results regularly and have the opportunity to objectively evaluate the effect of VemoHerb products.

VemoHerb and its parent company have used decades of internal and external experience to create and establish a unique line of supplements. The ability to back these products with genuine knowledge and hands-on experience has enabled the Bulgarian brand to support a healthy lifestyle for athletes, bodybuilders, fitness folks, and those seeking to live healthy and active lives.

About VemoHerb
VemoHerb is a health and wellness enterprise with over two decades of experience in the supplement industry. Founded in 1999, the family-owned label was established to develop and market innovative herbal extracts and food enzymes. The brand prides itself on its closed-loop production process, which starts with harvesting wild-grown herbs from the Balkan Mountain region, includes cutting-edge active ingredient extraction via the company’s in-house lab, and ends with elite supplements with transparent and informed labels. Learn more at

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