Use FSA Money Before it is Gone

MURRAY, Utah, Dec. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Zarifa USA urges customers with FSA accounts to utilize their funds before the end of the year by purchasing an essential massage tool for their recovery efforts.  Zarifa USA CEO Yama Mustafawi made the announcement.

According to Business Insider and financial experts, for 2021, the contribution limit for an FSA is $2,750. These accounts are "pre-funded," which means that the full contribution amount elected for the year is available to spend at the beginning of the year. They go on to add, that one of the biggest drawbacks to an FSA is the "use it or lose it" rule, requiring that money in the FSA account be spent by the end of the year or risk losing it.

Massage guns may be known as a workout recovery device however, originally it was developed specifically as a pain management tool by chiropractor. Dr. Jason Wersland.  Since then, massage guns and other massage tools have been updated and improved upon by companies such as Zarifa. As a pain-relief tool, it can be helpful for a variety of complaints including tension, knots, aches, pains and of course, sore muscles.

"We are thrilled that our customers have the ability to pay for their recovery massage tools through their FSA or HAS accounts and are urging them to use their FSA funds before they are gone," says Yama Mustafawi CEO at Zarifa USA. "If you work out frequently or have chronic pain and want to improve recovery or performance, any one of our massage tools can be a drug-free option for you and, are considered a valid medical expense."

Headquartered in Murray, Utah, Zarifa USA aims to assist and provide relief to the increasing number of over 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain each year without using addictive substances such as opioids. Zarifa USA is committed to helping customers find pain relief through easily accessible products that deliver positive medical results. The company supports pain sufferers through their difficult times and provides a positive drug-free massage therapy experience.  Product consultations can be done by phone, by private in-store appointments, or by shopping online. For more information, go to, call direct 385-645-0255, or email at

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