Urban Poling Inc. Showcases Activator® Poles and CEU Accredited Activator® Course at World Parkinson’s Congress in Barcelona, 2023

TORONTO, July 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Urban Poling Inc., a leading provider of Nordic walking poles and wellness programs, participated in the highly acclaimed World Parkinson’s Congress held in Barcelona from July 4 to 8, 2023. This prestigious event brought together experts, researchers, and individuals living with Parkinson’s disease from all over the world to share their knowledge about advancements in Parkinson’s care. Urban Poling Inc. demonstrated their innovative Activator Poles and Activator® Program at Booth #1303, as well as offering a CEU Accredited Activator Course and leading a Walking Group session.

As part of their commitment to Parkinson’s wellness, Urban Poling Inc. offered a live CEU Accredited Activator® Course for Parkinson’s Wellness on July 6th. This comprehensive course provided healthcare professionals and enthusiasts with the essential knowledge and practical skills to effectively use Activator® Poles as a therapeutic tool for improving mobility, balance, and overall well-being for individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Joy Cochran, PT, DPT, a distinguished specialist in Parkinson’s rehabilitation, presented a compelling poster at the World Parkinson’s Congress. Dr. Cochran’s research highlighted the significant benefits of Nordic walking with Activator® Poles in managing Parkinson’s symptoms and improving the quality of life for individuals living with the disease. Her presentation provided valuable insights and support for the efficacy of Activator® Poles in Parkinson’s care.

Visitors to Booth #1303 had the opportunity to explore Urban Poling’s Activator® Poles and learn about the Activator® Program, specifically designed for individuals with Parkinson’s. These poles, featuring ergonomically designed strapless handles, push button locking systems and rubber bell tips, provide stability and promote increased confidence while walking. The unique features of Activator® Poles make them an indispensable tool for those living with Parkinson’s seeking to enhance their mobility and regain independence.

Renowned podcaster and World Parkinson’s Congress Ambassador, Larry Gifford, shared his firsthand experience with Activator® Poles, stating, “THESE ACTIVATOR® POLES SHOULD BE CALLED CONFIDENCE POLES. I love them; they give me a sense of balance and security. I have the confidence to go into an airport, go for a hike, or a long walk with my family. I can say YES!” This testimonial highlighted the positive impact that Activator Poles have on individuals’ lives, instilling confidence and enabling them to participate in various activities with ease.

On July 7th, Urban Poling Inc. organized a Walking Group session, providing participants with a firsthand experience of the benefits of Nordic walking with Activator® Poles. This group activity focused on promoting social interaction, encouraging physical activity, and fostering a sense of community among individuals with Parkinson’s.

Urban Poling Inc. remains dedicated to fostering partnerships with leading organizations in the Parkinson’s community, including the Parkinson’s Foundation, Parkinson’s Society, Rock Steady Boxing, PWR! Moves, Arthritis Foundation, Davies Phinney Foundation, and Vestibular Disorder Association. These collaborations further strengthen Urban Poling’s commitment to providing comprehensive support and resources for individuals living with Parkinson’s.

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