United Recovery Project Is Resetting Addiction Recovery Standards

The Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center’s Track Record of Success Highlights the Best Way to Fight Back Against a Raging Opioid Epidemic

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The opioid epidemic has become a national crisis in recent years. According to data reported by the CDC, the overdose deaths that involve opioids have increased eightfold since 1999. This led to a staggering 69,000 deaths in 2020 alone, with 82% of them coming from synthetic opioids, including the infamous drug fentanyl. While numerous factors have been attributed to this issue, few lasting solutions have been found thus far — a fact that underscores the unique success of the United Recovery Project.

United Recovery Project (URP) is a luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that has been operating for more than half a decade. The organization is principally centered in South Florida, although it recently opened up facilities in Laguna Beach, CA, as well. While there are many rehab centers across the country, URP is approaching its work with a serious yet hopeful attitude that is turning heads and creating results.

“My partners and I opened up United Recovery Project to provide addicts in recovery with a comfortable, luxury setting to rehabilitate in. This provides a positive environment that individuals can embrace as they detox and rehab,” said current CEO Bryan Alzate, “This isn’t just based on untested theory, either. I have over 14 years in recovery. 95% of the rest of the staff are in recovery, too. We know what it’s like to fight this fight, and we have a vested interest in seeing our guests succeed in their recovery journey.”

Alzate also addressed the importance of avoiding maintenance drugs whenever possible. “Those are the last resort for us. Sure, we use them to taper clients off during detox, but we try to stop it there. No maintenance program. Too much evidence points to the fact that things like suboxone, Methadone, they become a crutch. They just swap one problem out for another. Instead, my goal is to spark the flame in the addict who doesn’t think he can. We focus on reigniting hope and the belief that there’s a life past addiction and even past the recovery process.”

URP Director of Marketing, Maria A., echoed Alzate’s sentiment. “Over the years, details have shifted. We started in independent luxury homes before we acquired The Genesis House and brought all of our facilities and services into a single resort-like facility. We’re expanding in California, too. But through all of the change, Bryan has kept us focused on the primary goal: helping fellow addicts positively approach the recovery journey. His podcast, HELL HAS AN EXIT, is in the top 2% of most popular podcasts in the world for a reason. People want to hear what he has to say. He’s the embodiment of hope in the addiction and recovery community.”

The marketing director also spoke about the key role that Alzate has played throughout URP’s successful past so far, “Bryan doesn’t just lead the program. He’s an extremely active member of the recovery community. He attends NA meetings multiple times a week, he speaks at prisons, schools, he’s just everywhere. He’s the guy that parents call for advice, the one that people reach out to on the anniversary of a friend or child’s death. The positive culture that he’s built around URP has been a major factor in why we’ve made such an impact.”

The opioid epidemic continues to capture headlines as one of the biggest threats to modern society. It’s an issue that can’t be solved by a silver bullet or a magic spell. Even larger government initiatives, while good ways to bring attention to the issue, are only the first step. It’s up to organizations like URP to reignite the flame of hope and make a positive difference in a world where people are literally fighting for their survival on a daily basis.

About United Recovery Project: URP was founded in 2016 in Hollywood, Florida. The addiction treatment program prides itself on offering an all-inclusive selection of programs that can be tailored to each client’s needs. URP is in the process of expanding to other states, as well — including new facilities in Laguna Hills, CA — where it hopes to offer ongoing substance abuse help to those who need it as well as their loved ones. Learn more at unitedrecoveryproject.com.

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