United Recovery Project Brings Life-Saving Support to Those Struggling with Addiction

The Addiction Recovery Treatment Program Is More Than a Solution to Addiction. It’s Supporting the Entire Addiction and Recovery Community.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The United States continues to grapple with a growing opioid epidemic that was exacerbated by the intense isolation and pessimism of the pandemic. United Recovery Project (URP) has been fighting against this negative current by expanding its presence in the addiction recovery world even as the flood of negative news continues to pile up.

At the time of this writing, the CDC continues to estimate a 15% increase in drug overdoses (up to 108,000) over the record-breaking 2020 numbers. A shocking number of these deaths continue to be attributed to synthetic fentanyl — which accounted for as much as 90% of the overdose deaths in Lucas County (and similar numbers in many other areas around the nation) in 2020.

The intensifying crisis has sparked a response from the Biden administration, which sent an official drug control strategy to Congress back in April. The measure called for an expansion of treatment availability, including naloxone and drug test strips and syringe services programs. While these and other large-scale efforts continue to slowly percolate down to those that need them, United Recovery Project has continued to operate as a boots-on-the-ground presence in the struggling addiction and recovery community.

URP’s Addiction Treatment Program isn’t just finding success. It’s growing. Last month, the company announced that it was opening two new luxury rehab facilities in Laguna Beach, CA. This gives the organization a presence from sea to shining sea, with its original location in Hollywood, Florida remaining open for service.

The driving force behind URP’s growing success in the rehab community has been and continues to be Bryan Alzate. The CEO and co-founder of URP personally has 14 years in recovery and knows how hard addiction can be on an individual and their loved ones.

"Bryan’s mission is to expand and provide rehab facilities wherever people need real help," explains URP Director of Marketing Maria A., "Bryan is an extremely active member of the recovery community. He attends NA meetings multiple times a week and speaks at prisons, jails, and schools. He has helped so many people find recovery by scholarshiping them through treatment at URP. He’s not just a CEO. He has a vested interest in helping others."

Alzate also impacts the addiction and recovery communities as the creator and host of the HELL HAS AN EXIT Podcast. The show is already globally ranked in the top 1.5% of all podcasts (per Listen Notes). It has also gained fresh momentum in recent months as its ambitious host has continued to paint a very real picture of addiction and consistently address the good, the bad, and the ugly surrounding the crisis.

"Bryan is a leader who leads by example," Maria A. explains, "he’s used his passion to create a positive culture within our company. Everyone who works for URP loves their job and truly works to do their best in their roles to provide addicts a chance at finding a new life."

The world continues to wrestle with how to handle the runaway opioid epidemic. For Alzate and his team, this is nothing new. Addiction has had its tentacles wrapped around the United States for decades now. As far as the team at URP is concerned, it’s an issue that won’t be resolved until they — and others like them — do something to stop it.

About United Recovery Project: URP was founded in 2016 in Hollywood, Florida. The addiction treatment program prides itself on offering an all-inclusive selection of programs that can be tailored to each client’s needs. URP is in the process of expanding to other states, as well — including its newest facilities in Laguna Hills, CA — where it hopes to offer ongoing substance abuse help to those who need it as well as their loved ones. Learn more at unitedrecoveryproject.com.

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